Comparing Two Natalee Holloway Documentaries – Connecting The Dots – Searching For The Truth After DNA Results For Bones Come Back Negative For Natalee Holloway.

by Ruby Henley
I have been trying to  connect the dots for Natalee Holloway for years.  In fact, I have researched her disappearance from the island of Aruba since that day she did not make her flight home.  That horrific day was May 30, 2005, and it began one of the biggest investigations ever launched to find a missing person. Were there any gaps or clues that were missed from the time Natalee vanished in 2005 to now in 2017?
The below is an analysis of the 2008 documentary by Peter R. de Vries and the documentary ‘The Disappearance of Natalee Holloway” on the Oxygen TV channel.  This documentary was also broadcast by RTL in the Netherlands in August and September 2017.  By comparing the two documentaries mentioned new insights may be made.
In the Peter R. de Vries documentary, Joran says at the time when he thinks Natalee is dead: “I’m shaking that bitch” and calling at the Marriott in panic to a friend. With this friend he went on saying for many years, they repeatedly saw each other regularly. “I also came to America in America,” says Joran in the documentary. It is thus an American friend.
Switching back to the Oxygen documentary:
Joran’s friend, John Ludwick, in the documentary, said when Joran called Paulus van der Sloot from the beach after Joran thought Natalee was going to die, Paulus took her back to Joran’s cottage at the back of the van der Sloot home. He put her in a burlap sack after she did, in fact, die due to the abuse by Joran and his father.  Joran had given her the date rape drug, and she actually overdosed on the drug mixed with alcohol. This is the story coming from the new friend, John Ludwick, which Oxygen reveals to the public.
Ludwick goes on to say that later he helped Joran revisit the site where Joran and Paulus had placed Natalee.  He said that Natalee had also been wrapped in a tarp.  In the shots below, which can be found on a number of sites on the Net, it appears to be a body inside of the bag or tarp.  This is a hard set of photos to examine, but I do believe they are authentic.  Below is the following story of the photographs.

In the de Vries’ documentary, the idea of eliminating Natalee’s body did not come from Joran, but from the friend. That’s what Joran says twice in the documentary from Peter R de Vries: “I did not ask.” That must be a rather disturbed and psychopathic friend. Instead of calling a doctor or the police, this friend proposes to get rid of the body.  Could this friend be Joran’s father?  Or could it actually be a “friend?”
Lets switch back to the documentary by Oxygen “The Disappearance of Natalee Holloway” in which Joran encounters a friend in 2010, five years after the beachfront events. For the first time they become friends. Then again in 2.5 months Joran and his friend do something with a dead body.
DNA tests had been underway of bones that the friend and an undercover agent discovered behind the “friend’s”aunt’s house.  The aunt owns properties in Aruba, but also lives in Alexandria, VA.  However, they have now come back negative – they are not the bones of Natalee Holloway.  
This introduces a new question from the Oxygen documentary:  If they are not Natalee’s bones, who do they belong to?  In the first dna test, they did come back positive for Caucasian human of European ancestry. Who is this person, and why did John Ludwick, introduced to us as Joran’s friend in the Oxygen documentary, have them behind his Aunt’s home?  
Now lets switch back to the documentary of Peter R. de Vries’.
In the documentary, Joran again says he does not know exactly where the body is. He implies this as he says the “friend” disposed of the body and not himself. Again the question could also be asked if Paulus van der Sloot disposed of the body? OR was it in fact a friend of Joran’s?
Joran says in the de Vries’ documentary it was his good friend. He also states he will never mention his name and take it to the grave with him.  Paulus van der Sloot did, in fact, die a number of years ago from a heart attack.  
Switching back to the Oxygen documentary:
Stephanie Flores was murdered by Joran on May 30, 2010 – exactly five years after Natalee disappeared from the ground in Aruba in 2005.  This occurred in Peru, where Joran was gambling, and the timing of that murder is very strange indeed.
Switching back to the de Vries’ documentary:
Joran literally tells about his friend in the documentary of Peter R. de Vries: “He does not live on Aruba … then he corrects himself – he’s not on Aruba.” That seems to point to someone who never lived in Aruba permanently.  Could Joran be speaking of John Ludwick from the Oxygen documentary?  Ludwick only visited Aruba to help his aunt take care of her rental properties.  Yet he says, on his visit in 2010, he met Joran, and they struck up a fast friendship.  This friendship was so strong that Joran trusted John with the information about what happened to Natalee Holloway.  He asked John to help him totally destroy the body into a bone dust. Yet the bone Ludwick said he kept as a trophy buried behind his Aunt’s house turned out to be negative for Natalee Holloway.  
This is the most tragic missing person’s case in history, and I ask you to pray for the Holloway family. They have been abused by Aruba and by God knows who else.

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  1. It’s all in here Ruby, and makes sense when you understand how jews operate. This is why the mother ran into a brick wall when she tried to investigate. What did she do? She turned to the media, also owned by jews. She had no idea she was surrounded by JACKALS. It is extremely important that people understand the jewish mindset, although you feel sick to the stomach from seeing the world through their eyes so be prepared for that.


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