The Las Vegas Massacre Is Exactly What It Appears To Be – Stephen Paddock Was A Terrorist – Room Filled With Antifa Literature – Strange Woman Warns Crowd They Will Die.

by Ruby Henley
A former FBI Special Agent says the profile of Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock is not easily deciphered.  “This is not traditional,” said the agent, David Couvertier, who interrogated numerous suspects during his lengthy  FBI career.  Paddock’s ability to seal himself off is the first clue. Couvertier said Paddock’s career working in the postal service and IRS is telling, also.  
Paddock had an uncomfortable childhood being moved from place to place by his Father, who was on the FBI’s MOST WANTED LIST.  It must been have been lonely existence for the young man.
Paddock grew up to be a millionaire with a seemingly good life.  What went wrong?  Did he convert to Islam and follow ISIS?  Most likely he was working with ISIS.  This attack should not be a surprise, as ISIS had threatened to target Las Vegas some time ago.
Although Islamic terrorist group, ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack stating Paddock converted to Islam months ago, authorities are saying there is no evidence to prove the lone wolf had any links to the organization. I think in time, they will reveal it was indeed an ISIS related terror attack.
The radical Islamist group has continued to suffer a series of battlefield defeats in Iraq and Syria to the US under President Trump. Last week, ISIS released a new audio message from its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi that warned of attacks on the United States
America just witnessed what has been described as “deadliest mass shooting” in its history. More than 50 people have died while over 500 were left wounded after a gunfire was opened on a country music festival in Las Vegas.
The Route 91 Harvest Festival was in its third and final day and country music singer, Jason Aldean was on stage performing to a crowd of over 22,000 when sporadic shooting began at about past 10pm. Aldean ran off the stage while the crowd scampered in multiple directions.
The gunman was found dead in his hotel room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel from where he opened fire. Along with his body, police discovered “at least 20 rifles” in the hotel room where he had reportedly been staying since Thursday.  He had cameras on his body to film himself as he did his deadly deed.
Stephen Craig Paddock, a 64-year-old white male, was said to have been travelling with his roommate, a 62-year-old Asian female, Marilou Danley, but she was soon cleared as a person of interest as she was out of town when Paddock lost all sanity and opened fire on an innocent crowd in Las Vegas.
QUOTE:  VIDEO see and hear 100 rounds fired in seconds by AR-15 with 100 round drum. Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock used a bump stock to make AR-15 full auto. From my association with firearms the weapon of choice used by Stephen Paddock in the Las Vegas terror attack appears to be a full auto AR-15 with a 100 round drum. In all the on site video recorded by victims of the terror attack there is no break in the firing by Stephen Paddock, most AR-15’s have a 30 round magazine, Stephen Paddock can be heard firing of over 60 or 80 rounds at once with no interruption, he had to use a 100 round drum with his many long guns. Also the AR-15 is accurate up to 400 yards, the victims at the concert were about 300 yards from Paddock’s hotel window. I have fired one of these weapons as part of the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Dept Citizens Law Enforcement Academy (CLEA) program and I can tell you there is very little recoil when fired on full auto and you are able to keep the weapon sighted dead on the target while viewing through the high tech scope. END OF QUOTE
Alex Jones says Stephen Paddock was indeed the shooter, and he did not kill himself.  The Hostage Rescue Team told Jones that they shot him and found Antifa Literature all over his room. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack, saying Paddock was a Muslim convert.

All social media accounts for Paddock were shut down before the tragic events. Paddock filmed himself the whole time he was shooting. I believe that Paddock was indeed a terrorist. Paddock sent tens of thousands of money to the Philippines before the attack. ISIS does have a stronghold in that country.
Authorities are now thinking Paddock’s girlfriend must have known he was planning this attack.

This video is a very well analyzed video giving detailed information.  This concludes my analysis. The shooter Stephen Paddock was indeed a terrorist, and the fact he filmed himself during the shooting proves this fact.
I do want to include this very strange story told by a witness at the Las Vegas massacre.
Concert goers were told “You’re all going to f***ing die” less than an hour before the Las Vegas shooting started, it has been claimed.
A woman in the crowd is said to have yelled the warning about 45 minutes before the Route 91 Harvest festival became the venue for the worst mass shooting in US history.
Less than an hour later, an attack began that left at least 50 people dead.
The woman, described as Hispanic and in her 50s, made the terrifying outburst before her and a male companion were escorted out of the venue by security. 
Many are reporting officers stood up and acted as a human shield to protect the crowd.
Russell Bleck, who witnessed the attack, told NBC News: ‘I saw a lot of ex-military jump into gear and start plugging bullet-holes with their fingers.
Sometimes these horrific events are what they are.  Some are reporting this was a false flag event, but I do not agree.  It is what it appears to be: a terrorist attack by a disturbed man, who wanted his last act while alive to be murder.  Further I believe he had connected with ISIS, and they directed his actions.

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21 thoughts on “The Las Vegas Massacre Is Exactly What It Appears To Be – Stephen Paddock Was A Terrorist – Room Filled With Antifa Literature – Strange Woman Warns Crowd They Will Die.”

  1. The first thing his “girlfriend” said was her “conscience was clear.”
    Not a response a non-psychopath would give upon learning her “boyfriend” just murdered dozens of people.
    More like a “You can’t prove anything” response.

  2. “I can tell you there is very little recoil when fired on full auto and you are able to keep the weapon sighted dead on the target while viewing through the high tech scope. END OF QUOTE”.
    This guy has no clue what he is talking about. I have shot bump stocks and and I have rifles with binary triggers. You STILL have to pull the trigger. The binary trigger fires two rounds per trigger pull. In both cases, if you continuously fire, the rifle is extremely difficult to keep sighted accurately. You have to hold on tight or it can get away from you. It takes LOTS of practice to handle a rifle with these modifications. The best most can do is spray and pray…which is all it takes with in a crowd.

    • Pic of supposedly dead Poddack shows a left eye responding to light. Have never seen a corpse whose pupils weren’t dilated/blown.
      Was acoustic gun fire played to maximize terror and perhaps keep people pinned down? (As some in the crowd said that the gunfire was fake.)
      Did Steve not pay his vig…scheduled for termination and thus SOD/SAD operatives selected him for “patsy” role? Or, (more likely) dude is in the Philippines living da life?
      I’ve seen Vegas cops showboat their AR’s for a cite for jaywalking. Yet, not one cop swung a 5.62mm..and not a one returned fire on the sniper/snipers???
      HQ told em to stand down…didn’t want to risk fragging an operator.
      False flag with crisis actors or false flag with 50 dead?

      • “False flag with crisis actors or false flag with 50 dead?”
        In Dallas, video analysis shows at least 3 seperate “events” ocurring on different days.
        Cars parked in one video shot, do not appear in others.
        Movement of officers and vehicles do not coincide with other videos.
        Multiple “amateur” video witnesses the day of BLM protest, show a “person of interest” on the top floor of college, gunshots heard inside college, police entering college, not inside garage.
        Ismael Dejesus, the person who was interviewed and uploaded the dramatic shootout video from the hotel, called into the news station and gave his account. The clip shown, doesn’t match his testimony as he’s giving it.
        Ismael hasn’t given an interview since.
        Ismael Dejesus Scandal Has Legs

      • Good post, but I have to give the cops a pass on not returning fire. A responsible weapons policy mandates that you be aware of what is near and behind your target (part of all concealed carry training), as no one has perfect aim, and from the distances in question it would have been unwise to open fire on an occupied hotel. From the shooting efficiency of several memorable police shootouts, I doubt the LVPD could hit King Kong from that distance, let alone a single window. That being said, why did it take LEOs so long to break into the room? An employee told security there was a shooter before the firing started!
        Your are the first that I have seen put forth the acoustic gunfire idea. Bravo. Could explain the lack of shell casings. And the left eye thing, can’t tell from the pic, but I note they didn’t show the exit wound. Could be staged.
        So far, I think the ISIS-gun-deal-gone-bad is the most credible scenario, but proof of the acoustic gunfire or multiple shooters in multiple locations theories(there is even a drone theory) would kill that idea and confirm a false flag or terrorist involved operation. The involvement of Paddock means there is a US connection even if it was a terrorist attack. And then there is the Radical leftist angle. Not likely, seems like disinfo to me to keep attention focused on the “lone nut” scenario. Things are never as they seem.

  3. It sounded to me the first long burst was a belt fed M-60. I believe it is very likely that their were two shooters. I also believe the most likely scenario is that the Filipino girl is a Muslim, some allege she has two Muslim sons and this guy ReVerted. Remember Terry Nichols of OK Bombing wife was a Muslim Filipino and they went there to learn to make the bomb.
    Some also claim he was on anti-psychotic drugs. Combine that with a little MK Ultra, and they got a Patsy. Why did he stop firing after 9 minutes when he still had a lot of ammo laying around? Also why didn’t he set up some explosives to take out the Swat Team? Why would he just surrender? If he did fight why did the Swat team say he committed suicide?
    Lastly a an ex-Postal worker, IRS employee and a defense contractor could he have been a gubermint agent and was doing a gun deal that went bad? Is it ALL caught on tape? Or is the tape unusable? HIs live style seemed to be outrageous. A modern day James Bond? One person claimed one of his airplanes is in Roanoke VA with a company with Agency connections? Possible? Who the heck KNOWS!
    I do believe him belin a Muslim Jihadist is most likely though. But we MUST keep an open mind as the facts, which who knows are real, come in!
    I just read a transcript of a Nixon White House Tape where he is complaining that neither the CIA or FBI would let him see their files on the JFK assassination. People think Nixon was crazy for being paranoid. NOT! The deep state has existed a LONG time!

  4. “I believe he had connected with ISIS, and they directed his actions.”
    So do I. It just depends on what your definition of IS-IS… 😉
    ISIS/DAESH is a hodge podge of loosely connected terrorists/proxy army mercenaries for hire, that have received funding, training, or aid from multiple state actors, including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, and the US.
    ISIS/DAESH is banned in Russia.
    Alleged US Evacuation of Daesh Field Commanders: ‘We Are Rescuing Our Allies’
    Karen Kwiatkowski, a retired US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel turned anti-neoconservative activist, told Sputnik that these evacuees were likely people that the US military and intelligence establishment wanted to protect, “particularly people with evidence that could be used against the US [during] negotiations.”
    “It makes a lot of sense that we would either want to kill those people or extract them before the Syrians could interrogate them,” Kwiatkowski said.
    The activist explained that CIA black programs don’t require day-to-day approval from the president. If that’s what this evacuation was, “this is standard operating procedure, and they don’t really care what the president says in a speech designed for the consumption of the American people.”

    • Well, it looks like they are looking at more than one party, and Paddock had world ties. He did not act alone. I think he was selling arms to jihadists. I think that a jihadist was with him in his room during the shooting. Oh, but there is so much more.

  5. CEO of Mandalay promotes pseudo-mainstream Islamic charities and activist groups like CAIR to employees.
    Mandalay has wiped traces of Paddock’s reservations.
    MGM/Grand resorts partially owned by Dubai government.
    MGM resorts will be building casino in DUBAI.
    Paddock’s girlfriend photographed in DUBAI.
    Paddock was platinum life member of casino.
    Two rooms rented by Paddock, adjoined by common door.
    Also see:
    Self-Described “Progressive, Mainstream” Muslim Groups in America Are Homophobic and Racist

  6. OK…OK….there is much more to it. I just did an updated report, and it will be published here within the next few minutes. In fact, you guys are right for the most part,…there is much more to it, and he did not commit suicide and he did not act alone. But that is just the beginning.

  7. POSTED HERE the latest is NOT ON DISQUS????????
    the captor verification is DOWN!!!!
    RIGHT! same for 911.
    OF COURSE it was NOT a lonely little guy just gone nuts.
    a millionaire just a average JOE!!!! BLA HA HA HA we CITIZENS have ALL BEEN DRIVEN NUTS by these jerks if anyone believes ANY of these stupid excuses and COVERUP LIES.
    FIRST you HAVE to believe this ASSHOLE even DID IT!!!!


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