Compendium of Important Articles on Geopolitics, The Neocon Wars, Globalism, The Russiagate Hoax and Civil Rights Abuses


The following articles could form the basis of a book to inform people what is really going on in the world.
Western governments and media are never going to tell you – they are doing their best to cover it all up.


Geopolitics – China, Russia and the end of American Hegemony

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China and Russia are aiming to replace the US Dollar as the Global Reserve Currency and are embarked on major economic and infrastructure development plans to make Eurasia the most important economic zone and not the US.

They are also acting in co-operation for mutual military defense after GW Bush and John Bolton unilaterally declared the end of the 1972 anti ballistic missile treaty in 2002, and started building first strike nuclear missile silos in Romania and Poland.

The risk of WW3 breaking out and a resultant nuclear holocaust destroying all life on the planet, because the “American Exceptionalists”, aka Neocons, aka Neoliberal Globalists, refusal to accept the end of American Hegemony and a new Mulipolar World, remains extremely high.

The Neocon Wars

After the fall of the USSR in 1991, the Neocons planned to regime change every country which refused to be a vassal state of the American Empire and opposed American Hegemony.

Taken at face value, this was a stupid plan right from the start.
The Neocons were never the smartest guys in the room and never, ever bother to consider what things look like from the other side of the fence.
This is  commonly called “American Exceptionalism” (sic).
The effects of Neocon aggression over the last 25 years has forced China and Russia into being joined at the hip partners for mutual defense.

If on the hand, you believe the entire Neocon Wars are a giant scam to make trillions of  dollars for Corporate Insiders like Dick Cheney, the arms companies and the Banking Elites – the Neocon Wars have been a great success.

The Petrodollar System and the Petrodollar Wars Explained

The Real Reasons the US Invaded Iraq in 2003

How and Why the Libyan Civil War of 2011 Happened

Arms smuggling to terrorists in Syria and the attack on Benghazi

The Real Origins of the Syrian War – informative Video

So what are the real reasons the US and UK governments are waging war in Syria?

Hard Truths:
The Real Reasons Trump Committed Another War Crime With Another Cruise Missile Fireworks Display To Encourage The Jihadis & Prolong The Syrian War In Syria

Terrorism is BIG BUSINESS – Follow The Money, Mali, Libya, Syria, Saudi, CIA, UK, France

What do we know about 9/11?

The Timeline of Events leading up to 9/11 and subsequent events


Next on the Neocon hit list is Iran.
It is important to note that ALL of the US intelligence agencies (CIA, DIA, DNI etc.) and Mossad agree that Iran gave up any thoughts of developing nuclear weapons in 2003.
Iran continued with a program to develop civilian nuclear power generation (as every country is entitled to do).

Iran also ramped up the capacity of its centrifuges for Uranium Enrichment after 2003, in order to get the US to sit down at the negotiating table to relieve crippling US sanctions.
These plans came to fruition in 2015 with the Iran Deal (JCPOA) except the US has never kept its end of the bargain by relieving sanctions.
The development of Western trade with Iran has been prevented by the US via the coercion of Western banks to prevent Letters of Credit etc. which are required to allow exports and infrastructure investments to proceed.

The latest farcical stunt by Netanyahu with his “presentation” aiming to scrap the Iran Deal and start a war with Iran was a rehash of:-
Documents relating to Iran’s Nuclear Development Program from 1999 to 2003.
All of said documents were known to the CIA and Mossad from 2005 to 2007.
The actual documents used by Netanyahu were stolen from the IAEA vaults (not from an unguarded tin shed in Iran).

These IAEA documents were voluntarily handed over by Iran in 2014 as part of the negotiations for the Iran Deal signed in 2015. They all relate to Iran’s activities from 1999 to 2003. There is absolutely nothing in them that is “revelatory” and they contain nothing that was not known to the US, UK, France and Germany when they signed the Iran Deal in 2015.

Netanyahu’s “Iran Files” are Well Known, Old and Purloined from the IAEA in Vienna

The Five Blinding Myths About Iran

Gareth Porter: All 17 US Intelligence Agencies & Mossad agree that Iran gave up all thoughts of developing nuclear weapons in 2003

Netanyahu has been lying about Iran building a bomb for over 25 years.
Netanyahu: The Boy Who Cried BOMB. Mossad & US Intel say Iran is NOT building a bomb

Starting a War with Iran means starting WW3 with China and Russia – they come as a package.
China and Russia have a lot at stake in Iran and any attempt at Regime Change by the US or Israel is a Red Line.
Iran is an integral part of China’s “One Belt One Road” for Eurasian economic development.

E.G. China investing $46bn plus in Energy, Infrastructure, Ports & Pipelines in Iran & Pakistan


The aim of Globalism is to transfer all power and wealth from ordinary people in the Middle Class etc. to a handful of Banking Elites, Oligarchs and major Corporate CEO’s.
The ultimate aim is to set up an anti democratic, authoritarian one world government where ordinary people are effectively serfs and have no say, in a system of Neo-Feudalism.
We are very nearly already there. Only Russia and China are currently thwarting the Globalists plans.

This is being constantly carried out by transferring ever increasing powers from local governments to massive governmental Super States, such as the EU or the Federal government in Washington DC.

A great example of a Globalist policy was Obama’s Corporate Power Grab TPP and TTIP, Corporate protectionist deals, which transferred power from elected legislatures to transnational tribunals staffed by Corporate lawyers acting as Judge and Jury.

TPP, TISA and TTIP agreements are massive Corporate power grabs dressed up as trade deals

What is Globalism? Clue: Its NOT what the Corporate Establishment tells you it is

The main Globalist Groups working towards Globalism:-

Russia, The Russiagate Hoax and the fake “Russian Bots” narrative

In order to get public opinion on board for War with Russia, which is against ALL ordinary people’s interests, and which poses a serious risk of ending all life on the planet, the Neocons and their partners in crime the Neoliberal Globalists have set out to demonize Putin and Russia for some considerable time.

Not only is provoking war with Russia insane from a human survival perspective, it is also insane in wasting trillions of taxpayer dollars in a new arms race for the benefit of the Military Industrial Complex and the Bankers, at the expense of every consumer and taxpayer.

Can you imagine how much better off ordinary people would be if the trillions of dollars currently being wasted on War and Conflict every year, were instead invested in Peace and Global Development?

Even if the Global Elites do not intend to take things as a far as Nuclear War (which I’m assuming they don’t), as tensions are raised between the US and Russia it will only take one minor mistake by one human being, to set off Armageddon.
The world got very close to being wiped out several times during the first Cold War with the USSR.

The Neocon Globalists are still playing on Cold War fears and want you to forget that the USSR was voluntarily disbanded in 1991 by Gorbachev, on a promise that “NATO would not expand one inch to the East”. A promise which was first broken by Bill Clinton and has been massively broken by every President since, with NATO now right up to Russia’s borders.

Russia is now a mixed economy similar to most European countries.
Russia has a mostly private enterprise economy, but with vital National Security assets such as Russia’s vast oil and gas reserves, and its arms manufacturing and development companies still under State Control.

Retaining the arms companies under State Control, means the arms lobbyists cannot take over the government as they have done in the US and the UK.

It also means that Russian weapons development is aimed at enhancing Russia’s National Security and is not solely aimed at boosting the profits of the Military Industrial Complex by the Pentagon’s Generals who are hoping to get a lucrative post public life Directorship in a private arms company (see E.G. Michael Hayden or Jack Keane).

Who’s Paying the Pro-War Pundits?

Having the arms companies controlling the government, means the government is always looking for more war and conflict to boost the profits of the private arms companies.
The US and UK’s Foreign Policy is more WAR.

Russia has an annual Defense Budget of $69bn.
The US has an annual Pentagon Budget of $700bn for 2017, plus more than $300bn off the Pentagon’s books in War Spending or “National Security” in other Departments.
Who is the Aggressor here?

Your Comprehensive Guide To, And History Of, The Russiagate Hoax 

Q: Why do ordinary Russians Love Vladimir Putin?
A: They don’t want to be ruled by Goldman Sachs again – they remember what a disaster it was in the 1990’s

In his 2018 inauguration speech Vladimir Putin vows to continue improving the living standards of ordinary Russians (as he has done for the last 17 plus years).
Why the Deep State Neocon Globalists Hate Vladimir Putin

Comparing America with Russia under Vladimir Putin, the EU, Ukraine & the disastrous influence of Goldman Sachs.
Russians do NOT want to be ruled by Goldman Sachs again – they know what a disaster it was in 1990’s.
Russians do not want to be like America & the EU which are Neoliberal Corporate Oligarchies, where the living standards of ordinary people have declined substantially since 2000 and wealth and power is being relentlessly transferred to the very top.

Currently the Neocons and Neoliberal Globalists are accusing Russia of what they themselves are clearly guilty of in a massive example of Projection:

A short rebuttal of the current Neocon propaganda being used against Russia

The current massive media campaign to smear any Pro Peace, anti Neocon, anti war people as “Russian Bots”

I was falsely accused of being a “Russian Bot” on April 20 by the War Lobbyists at the Atlantic Council, Theresa May and the UK government, and a large swathe of UK mainstream media.

I went on Live TV on Sky News to rebut these ridiculous War Propaganda allegations and turn the tables around on the Neocon Warmongers and corrupt Fake News media, and managed to throw in a few Zingers of my own.

Video Link:

I was then contacted by BBC’s Newsnight hack Gabriel Gatehouse who was writing a fear mongering piece to push the fake “Russian Bot” narrative for the Neocon Warmongers.

My full 13 minute interview with Gabriel Gatehouse, together with the evidence exposing several recent False Flag attacks (Douma, Skripal, Khan Sheikhoun etc.).

Gatehouse was trying to entrap me into saying something stupid or outrageous – he didn’t succeed and instead I exposed how the BBC is operating like Goebbels Ministry of Propaganda or George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth, which I told Gatehouse to his face.

BBC Newsnight interview – and supporting material on Ben Nimmo, Atlantic Council, False Flags & Staged Events, I asked Gabriel Gatehouse to read 

Propaganda: The Massive Media Campaign To Smear Anyone Who Calls Out The UK’s Massive Lies On Syria Or Skripal Poisonings As A “Russian Bot” 

The “Russian Bot” / “Russian Troll” Hoax by Neocon Globalist Warmongers to whip up anti-Russia hysteria

Whatever happened to the Skripals?
UK media & authorities fall silent on Salisbury poisoning.
Sergei & Yulia Skripal are being held incommunicado by UK gov.
Why is nobody in the media interviewing them or demanding proof they’re still alive?
The UK government remain the primary suspect for this very obvious False Flag.

Civil Rights Abuses and the Destruction of Free Society in the West

We are rapidly heading towards an authoritarian system of government with blanket surveillance on everyone, the persecution of anti Neocon or anti Neoliberal dissenters, the prevention of the democratic right to peaceful protest, the removal of Free Speech and the Free Press, the persecution of whistle blowers and even the removal of the right to a free trial

Obama’s Catalog of Civil Rights Abuses and preparations for massive civil unrest

The so-called Freedom Act would actually legitimize all spying all the time on all of us in ways that the Patriot Act fails to do 

The number of laws being passed that undermine a free society is increasing around the world


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