“Completely Reckless” – Louisiana High School Under Investigation For Vaccinating Teenage Students Without Parental Consent

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This story is finally getting some coverage. Remember when the school nurse wouldn’t even give your child anything for a headache or allergies? Remember when you had to have a doctor’s note sent with them so that they could take their prescription medicine at school as directed? Well forget all of that. Now the schools are actively pushing the clot shots and don’t even wait for a parent’s approval to administer them.

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A mother was left stunned and outraged this week when she was made aware of her son receiving a Covid-19 vaccine at his high school without her consent.

Jennifer Ravain – the mother of a 16-year-old student at East Jefferson High School in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana – found out about the “nightmare” scenario on Wednesday, which was when an Oschner mobile vaccination clinic was at the school to vaccinate the teenagers.

Somehow, she says, her son was able to sign the parental consent form himself without anyone notifying her before he received his jab.




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