Condemned by elites for Capitol Hill riot, half of Americans still approve of President Trump

by Dr. Eowyn

Despite the elites’ near-universal condemnation of President Trump for supposedly “inciting” the January 6 “storming” of Capitol Hill — by Democrats, Big Media, Big Tech, and a majority of Republican RINO politicians — as many as half of the American people still approve of him:

  • According to Rasmussen Reports‘ Daily Presidential Tracking Poll of 1,500 likely U.S. voters for Monday, January 11, 2021, five days after the Capitol Hill riot, nearly half (49%) approved of President Trump’s job performance, with more than a third (36%) of likely voters strongly approving. 51% disapproved of Trump, with 40% strongly disapproving. The margin of sampling error is +/- 2.5 percentage points, with a 95% level of confidence.
  • According to a Frank Luntz poll, released on Monday, Jan. 11, of 800 Trump voters, a whopping 91% said they would still vote for Trump if another presidential election were held today. A miniscule 4% of those who had voted for Trump said they would switch their vote to Joe Biden; 3% said they would vote for someone else; 2% said they wouldn’t vote at all. When asked if Trump should continue to fight to remain in the White House, the Trump voters were evenly split, with 50% saying yes, and 50% saying no. More than half (51%) said Trump should run again in 2024, but 35% of Trump voters said they’d rather vote for someone else in 2024.


These polling results not only confirm what we already know — that Americans are bitterly divided — but that the opinion of elites does not at all represent or reflect that of the American people because the division is a 50-50 split. The “Deplorables” aren’t going away.

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It is no wonder that another poll of 342 Americans, from the Frontier Center’s Ear to the Ground, found that 71% of Trump voters and 40% of Biden voters believe we are headed into a civil war or significant upheaval. Among those Americans who believe a civil war is likely coming, 81% said Trump had won the 2020 presidential election, 17% said Biden won, and 3% were unsure.



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