CONFIRMED: Large Numbers of Terrorists from Afghanistan are Being Shipped Into the U.S. and the U.K. (

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Kevin Foster, a junior immigration minister, said: “We’ve
had more hits on our ‘no fly’ list, that is people who are a
direct threat to this country if they were able to come
here, in the last week in the context of Afghanistan … than
we would normally expect in a year of normal flights and
travel [from the country]”.

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Wow. For the Guardian – a very leftwing rag who want the whole third world to be housed in the UK – it must be worse than anyone’s admitting.

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Also this weekend, 850 ‘refugees’ arrived by dinghy crossing from France in one single day on Saturday. They’ve been arriving by the hundred every day, picked up by bus and ferried to four star hotels. They’re literally running out of hotels! Wait until thousands of Afghans are added to this.

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And they all have one thing in common…


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