Confirmed New England Journal of Medicine- CoronaVirus Viral Loads Spreads Like Influenza and with no Symptoms Showing

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Spreads as easily as the common cold and influenza even if the patient has not, and will never show any symptoms, just by your breath!

We also know it can be spread by Fecal matter, Body fluids etc, and on hard surfaces, however this recent study and analysis of the location, timing of, when symptomatic, and when not symptomatic of the Viral Loads & Shedding by those infected has shown something, that confirms the real danger of this.

“Our analysis suggests that the viral nucleic acid shedding pattern of patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 resembles that of patients with influenza4 and appears different from that seen in patients infected with SARS-CoV.3 The viral load that was detected in the asymptomatic patient was similar to that in the symptomatic patients, which suggests the transmission potential of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic patients.

The Viral Shedding and Loads, so transmissibility, your ability to catch it, and to give it to others occurs even if showing no symptoms at all, and it occurs at the start of the illness/infection all the way through.

Also the Viral Shedding and Loads are stored, and spread through the Nasal passages, meaning being in a room with people breathing it, walking past someone breathing for say 1 second and they are infected, you can then become infected yourself.

It spreads like the influenza or colds.

However unlike them we also know it can spread through Body Fluid, Fecal Matter, toilets, etc, it seems to be transmitable through nearly every known avaneue of infection, wheras most virus or bacteriological infections have just ONE.

This would explain what we have seen happening in chain.

With the Long Incubation period.

Well there is no way in this world this will not be Pandemic, and anyone saying so is in total denial of the medical facts, scientific studies and what we see happening in chain and Iran, the cruise ships etc.

Again another interesting stat fom what the Journal Found, again around 20% of the sample became very ill. that seem to be a number that is real and repeating from the initial Lancet report from the medical records of the first cluster to latest data.

Then of those is the mortality risk, ESPECIALLY WHEN THERE IS NO ICU VENTILATION BEDS AVAILABLE, coming to your country SOON!


Have a Big 1/2 Pound Pandemic Burger on Steroids.




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