Conflating virus fear & politicising media: the Rothschild connection

by John Ward

“Who’s behind it all?” – Episode 3

A mad stat a Day keeps the Doctor Away

Over-counting Covid deaths (PHE, May 2020) could be described as one instance of careless; failing to report that 40% of Covid cases occurred during a hospital stay for some other ailment entirely (February 2021) might equally be dismissed as a second example of flimsy diligence; continuing to use “a hopeless” false-positives PCR test as the recorder of cases, however, is three in a row and suspicious; but then compounding the crime of covering up hospital hygiene issues by recording patients who caught the virus after hospital admission as having arrived with it in a further 30% of cases must surely evoke the response, “Just whatTF is going down here, and why are all the mistakes forever conflating rather than underestimating the level of cases?”

The Daily Telegraph as usual doesn’t go quite that far (perhaps the Terrible Twins don’t want NATO bombing their Channel Island redoubt by accident) but nevertheless their scoop is, to say the least of it, damning. For out of 5,021 patients this week classed as hospitalised by Covid, 1,166 were admitted for other reasons. That’s 1,166 dyslexic ticks in a row, and thus up there with Dick Nixon’s private secretary accidentally erasing a million feet of tape while practising personal origami outside the Oval Office.

With every fearmongering tranche of nonsense comes another mob of Covidiot Piers Morgan admirers crawling over broken glass to get an mRNA jab. The persistent emphasis in Delta Variant media reporting is, in turn, merely a variation on the the terrorist theme: for as is obvious to those who weren’t inattentive during maths lessons at school, Delta is High in Caseness, but Low in Deathness.

But of course, we know all the bedwetters are belting out a 24/7 chorus of “LalalalalalalalalalalAAAA”, and so they will fight off reality with their face nappies while socially distancing in the manner of a claustrophobic hermit.

Thus one must hit their anaesthetised BS censors with a much larger blunt instrument.

Floating about in the Penumbra #3: Alexandre de Rothschild

Alexandre Guy Francesco de Rothschild (left) is the 40 year-old future of Rothschild Bank – itself the result of an entente cordiale merger back in the day between its English and French management. Although the Rothschilds are a favourite target among Elders of Zion anti-Semitic nutjobs, their true family history gives the lie to this idea: far from being united in a world takeover bid dating back to Moses and his tablets, the Rothschilds have a long-as-your-arm record of family spats, major inheritance wars, irreversible splits and entirely normal familial bitterness.

However, like most sensible high-profile Jewish tribes, Rothschild clan members are at pains to deny both their genius gene and the real amount of monied-power leverage they have. And even in that secretive context, Alexandre de Rothschild – now the definitive strategic leader of the bank – comes across as an ethereal entity wrapped in an hermetically sealed bladder that is truly water-tight.

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Go to Wikipedia, and you will get the antiseptically stripped bare bones of Alex. Go to Wikidata, and you will get a repetitive series of zeros, nothings (néants), and blank spaces that would have left the Bletchely Park crew scrambling in the darkness.

For example, although Alex’s father David is happy to be seen with President Macron, no such photographic link exists online between Macrony and the Rothschild heir.

But reverse-wind the tape to 2017, and the 36 year old Rothschild heir was central to the operation designed to lift 39 year old Manny into the Elysée Palace. Indeed, his spectacular success in this endeavour set the seal on his elevation to Numero Uno at the family bank.

After taking over in April 2018, Alex – a confirmed anti-Brexit NATO hegemonist – looked towards the US for growth….and after anyone dedicated to reversing Britain’s escape from Brussels. Hardly surprising, then, that in October 2019, he hired our old friend Sir Mark Sedwill as a strategic advisor.

The new Rothschild boss is no stranger to the élite thinking behind Covid19 as a Trojan Horse for track and trace control. In 2015 and again in 2017, a series of regular, non-provisional patent applications were made by those around Alex for a “System and Method For Using, Processing, and Displaying Biometric Data”. Once both the virus and Sedwill’s know-how had arrived at the bank, in May 2020 the Rothschilds rapidly filed an update of the patent (US2020279585A1) specifically entitled, ‘A system and Method for testing for Covid19’.

Reuters’ “fact checkers” were soon on the scene to rubbish the connection, but their contention is at best feeble….and overlooks the fact that the 2020 patent specifically refers back to the series on biometrics (see link above). The question Reuters should be asking (but won’t) is why the family would be involved in virus surveillance development….and hiring the bloke who had already defined Covid as “a bioweapon”; and finally, why the specific inventor Richard Rothschild is even more shrouded in mystery than Alex.

At the outset of Coronavirus SarsCovid2, the Rothschild net family worth was estimated at $350 billion. A year on, this has ballooned up to $450 billion. The 40 year old Alex de Rothschild has plugged the bank firmly into the US/NATO hegemony agenda. Since 2019, he has also been a Level 1 attendee at Davos. He never says anything when he’s there; but then, he’s not on the record as saying anything about anything. However, part of his drive towards greater clout in the US has been to advise Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election, and contribute to the Biden campaign during 2020. There can be little doubt that he is a powerful supporter of technocracy, Reset, and the Secret State.

A senior banking compliance player in Paris told me four years ago that “Rothschild Bank may not own the dozens of French media in which they invest, but they ensured that Macron and Brigitte absolutely dominated the thirty-something readership demographic in 2017”. They also bankrolled some 90% of the ops that catapulted former employee Emmanuel Macron from Socialist nonentity to President in eighteen months flat.

I was living fulltime in Paris for much of 2017, and the plastering of Hello-style Emmanuel-Brigitte imagery across every newstand was impossible to miss. Be aware: Alexandra de Rothschild has the contacts, money and complete discretion required to be a man giving the orders about how the fear, distraction and Great Leap takeover should proceed. He takes orders from nobody.

John Ward lives in South West France, and isn’t particularly enjoying The Summer that never was. Or the Brexit driving licence fiasco. Or being demonised by Macron as a selfish anti-vax nihilist. Or indeed the prospect of soon having no access at all to any of the things that make France enjoyable. Or in fact being asked to pay tax for the privilege.




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