Conflict of Interest? Amazing Coincidence That Nancy Pelosi’s Son Has Business Connections With Ukraine, Schiff’s Own Ties to Ukraine, Joe Biden in Charge of Policy in Ukraine and His Son’s Job in Ukraine

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WELL…: Amazing Coincidence That Nancy Pelosi’s Son Also Has Business Connections With Ukraine.

If you’re wondering why Nancy Pelosi is laying low as the effervescent maelstrom of corruption and influence peddling descends upon Joe Biden’s hairplugs, we may have the answer. She has a son of her own involved in oil importing from Ukraine. He even used his Mom to promote his business.

When Pelosi, Jr., was asked about the purpose of his visit at the time, this is how he responded:

Pelosi, executive director of the Corporate Governance Initiative, was asked why he was in Kiev.

“Today we’re here to talk about soccer,” Pelosi said.

“We recently got an endorsement from the world sports alliance and we’ve spoken with the Ukraine government about collaboration for soccer for young people,” he said.

“Ukraine has a great history in soccer and we hope to share in that tradition going forward.”

The House Minority Leader’s son’s work there is curious, given the Democrats’ attempts to collaborate with Ukraine to attack Donald Trump.

You can see Paul Pelosi, Jr., in the video below beginning at about 0:31.


Related: Schiff’s Own Ties to Ukraine Raise Questions.

Rep. Adam Schiff is one of Donald Trump’s fiercest, most relentless critics. He still insists there was collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign and is a primary mover behind the current efforts to impeach the president.

But Schiff has his own connections to Ukraine that may raise troubling questions about a conflict of interest.

Schiff’s ties to a wealthy Russian-American businessman doing business in Ukraine have recently come to light. Igor Pasternak is CEO of Worldwide Aeros Corp., a company that makes blimps for the military and commercial sectors. The company also makes a modified version of the M4 and M16 rifles that are manufactured in Ukraine. His connection to Pasternak, who is doing business with the Ukrainian government, could be construed as being a conflict of interest in his committee’s investigation.

Fox News:

In 2013, Pasternak hosted a fundraiser in Washington for Schiff, who later came to embrace a strong stance in support of the United States sending military aid to Ukraine during its conflict with Russia.

“Before this time, Schiff rarely, if ever, mentioned Ukraine,” Fox News’ Laura Ingraham said on her show Thursday night, after detailing Schiff’s connection to Pasternak. “But after the fundraiser, he used multiple television appearances to basically demand that we send money and arms to them.”


More: Joe Biden rages at reporter who asks him about his son and Ukraine.

Good question from the Trump War Room: “What’s he hiding?”

Of course it’s a conflict of interest. There are so many conflicts of interest by EVERYONE in DC that they don’t even see them when they’re right in front of their faces:

“Getting desperate,” Joe?


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