Congrats NYC restaurant owners! You now are required to pay your waitress and waiters up to 2 week vacation time while they are out !

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The proposal still needs to be approved by the City Council.

If it passes, business will have to let some of their employees go, go out of business, or move out of the city or state. Too funny watching liberals destroy themselves and their environment with socialist ideologies.


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced legislation today guaranteeing two weeks of paid time off for all workers.

If de Blasio’s proposal is approved by the City Council, New York City would become the first and only American city to require paid vacation.

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The proposal is expected to impact at least 500,000 people, according to the mayor’s office, but would exempt businesses with fewer than five employees.

“To be the fairest big city in America, New Yorkers can’t be forced to choose between bringing home a paycheck and taking time off to just disconnect or spend time with loved ones – that choice ends with Paid Personal Time,” de Blasio said.

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Among those the mayor’s office said the policy would benefit are 180,000 workers in professional services, 90,000 workers in the retail sector, and 200,000 in the hotel and food service industries.

“Every other major nation recognizes the necessity of Paid Personal Time,” de Blasio said. “We as a country must get there, and New York City will lead the way.”

Some critics called the mayor’s proposal costly for businesses.



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