Congress Exposes “Deep State” FBI Coup Against Trump – Don’t Miss This One!

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by Thinker

It’s time to “Make America Great Again” for the children of the world. It’s clear from the past administration, that wasn’t the agenda or the plan. While the Clinton team prepared for to move in the White House before the elections, some were calling her madam president before the votes had even began. When Trump won, it was a “SHOCK” for the “WHOLE” world, because even in the alternative media world, no one saw the slither of light that obviously Trump did. On the campaign trail like any other politician the real estate mogul never stopped. He continued to only tell the American people the truth and didn’t spend much time like other candidates reading speeches written for them full of promises. Those promises, and many came from past presidents never came to be. Only thing to be said about the current president, is that I’ve heard more “TRUTH” out of his mouth than the last three combined. For those that have tried to impeach, defame, and wanting to oust President Trump, “WHY THE HELL AREN’T THEY IN JAIL!?”

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The best 30 minutes from Inspector General Horowitz’s testimony — Want to know what the Inspector General’s investigation into the FBI handling of the Clinton emails really says? Watch Congressman Trey Gowdy and Senator Lindsey Graham blow the lid off the scheme to take down President Trump, from inside the FBI.

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Trey Gowdy Is BACK! RIPS Into Comey,The FBI & The DOJ Corruption During Powerful Senate Hearing

Trey Gowdy for Attorney General for a better America. Send him a letter and don’t let the bet thing that has come to the justice system of America in a long time…TRUTH and HONOR! Admit it. You were pretty sure Trey Gowdy would light these people up during the IG Hearing … especially Comey.


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