Congress Gives a Standing Ovation to Jewish Crisis Actor in a T-shirt Who Demands US Start WWIII for Him

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by Chris Black

Ukraine’s president is a jewish actor who was literally hired by a jewish oligarch, Kolomoisky respectively, who’s also involved in the Burisma scandal, i.e. has the Biden clan by the short hairs, to become the next president of Ukraine.

Zelensky even had a TV show where he played the role of president.

The government of Ukraine is basically organized crime, mostly jewish, including the president and the prime minister. Ukraine is the poorest country in Eastern Europe, ruled by thugs, where corruption is endemic and from where people were leaving in droves before the war.

What about “muh democracy” and “muh values”?

Zelensky and the post-Maidan governments closed opposition TV channels because reasons, executed journalists, killed civilians in the separatist republics for 8 years before Russia decided enough is enough, etc.

And now that crisis actor in a t-shirt delivered a retarded speech to the US congress trying to involve America in what can easily become a nuclear exchange with Russia, asking for a no-fly zone over Ukraine (which means WW3) and similar shit.

The war in Ukraine should be seen as a war between the US and Russia. ZOG has provided the Ukrainians with an unlimited flood of all its latest weapons and tools, as well as trained them in all their tricks.

Clown world doesn’t even begin to describe it.

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Kolomoisky, Zelensky’s master, was one of the most notoriously corrupt and richest oligarchs in the Ukraine and was on a US State Dept. blacklist that prevented him from obtaining a US visa. Yet Obama saw fit to lift that ban and issuing him one as well as selecting and dealing with Kolomoisky’s private bank as the repository for 1.8 billion in US aid that subsequently “disappeared”.

Also unreported in the MSM, was the not so small fact that Kolomoisky was actually the majority shareholder and defacto owner of Burisma at the time when the gas company decided to give Hunter Biden his plum position on its board of directors.

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Kolomoisky is 1) funding the Nazi battalions in Ukraine, 2) is an oligarch who owns Ukraine’s largest bank (Privat Bank), 3) employed Hunter Biden through a company that offshored billions in IMF/taxpayer money, 4) is the head of the European Council of Jewish Communities, 5) owns the TV station in Ukraine that regularly featured the fascist Right Sector during the early part of the war, 6) uses Nazi gangs and mafia tactics to overthrow business competitors (according to the London Crown Court).

Therefore, his being Jewish is highly relevant considering that Jewish Zionists, particularly bankers and oligarchs, are doing in the world and are now being exposed for. All is apparently not as we are told it by the corrupt media, publishing houses and Hollywood, which are all incidentally owned by Zionist Jewish oligarchs.

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You can read more here:

Russia’s conditions for ending the conflict are all very logical.

The never before seen flood of advanced US weapons and the Zelensky regime’s agenda (which is not to protect Ukrainians but instead to try and provoke a coup against Putin) are the only thing prolonging the bloodshed.

Putin’s speech today was a direct attack on the upper classes and oligarchs, who have turned against him hard.

He is describing the emigration of the cosmopolitan plutocratic element in Russia as a national cleansing that in the long term will bring about a rebirth.

By the cosmopolitan plutocratic element in Russia he is mostly referring to this kind of behaviour:

Being jewish means never having to take responsibility.


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