Congress may impeach Rod Rosenstein and Jeff Sessions! Sarah Carter claiming multiple indictments on the way

I hope its true.

Synopsis: It is now growing increasingly obvious to most people following this story that we are involved in a vicious struggle for power in this country – in complete contravention of our traditional Constitutional remedies.
Yesterday morning, FBI agents, supposedly on a tip from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, perpetrated an unprecedented early morning raid on the home and offices of President Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.
And the justification for this extraordinary search warrant from a New York City judge? The President’s lawyer, shortly before the election, may have made a contract with a porn star to keep quiet about a relationship she claims she had with Donald Trump many years ago.
It’s bad enough that this violates attorney/client confidentiality, but it’s the President’s attorney!
This raid by the FBI is so outrageous that one can only surmise that there must be some really big reason for the deep state to take such a desperate action. And there is.
According to Sundance – whose knowledge about this coup is remarkably deep – the State Dept. I G, Michael Horowitz, is about to start releasing his report. The report is so extensive that it will be released is sections and the first section could come as early as this week.
As we’ve reported before, this will be quickly followed by multiple indictments of the major players in this coup, eventually extending as high as possibly Hillary Clinton herself.
In other words, Muller’s team were merely trying to grab some headlines before the IG’s report buried them – one last desperate whack at President Trump.
On another front, Sundance also revealed that Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions has appointed yet another US Attorney – from Chicago – whose job is simply to be sure that the 1.2 million documents in the IG’s hands make it into the hands of Congress. However, it’s likely that there are way too many secrets in those documents to allow them into the public domain in un-redacted form without an all-out fight in the courts. That’s the way the Watergate scandal came to an end.
[insert Jim Jordan & Mark Meadows]

10 Reasons Why the Mueller Investigation is Unconstitutional

‘A total witch hunt’: Trump tweets blistering early morning attack on his own Justice Department and says ‘attorney-client privilege is dead’ after the FBI raids his lawyer’s office for Stormy Daniels hush money files

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