It appears that the US is about to strike Syria as “punishment” for the atrocities *allegedly* carried out by Assad… Are Allegations now “evidence”? Is Accusation now “proof”? Consider the global ramifications of this impending action. Have we gone mad?

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by Apolitical_Corrector


If allegations are “evidence”, and accusations are “proof”, shouldn’t Trump, Hillary, Netanyahu, Putin and and countless other political figures be sitting in prison right now?

Each and every one has, after all, been accused of crimes, haven’t they?

But of course we would never dream of taking such rash actions, would we?

Even in common criminal cases, the basic principles of Justice forbid that the accused be subject execution or other punishment without Due Process – including a proper investigation, the presentation of evidence, and the right of the accused to confront his accusers, and to defend himself against the charges.

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Bearing in mind, of course, that the Burden of Proof is not on the accused, but the accusers.

Some would argue that the allegations against Assad/ Russia/ Iran should not be compared to cases of simple criminal justice… and I would agree…

Why? Because as unjust as it may be, taking extrajudicial action by summarily executing an accused common criminal — without Due Process — would be unlikely to unleash repercussions that may well escalate into full-blow war among powers that have arms capable of destroying most of the higher life-forms on Earth.

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Is there some pressing need to STRIKE the “Animal Assad” based on accusation alone?

Pause and ask: What would be the benefit of doing so? Do the benefits outweigh the risks?

Maybe we should think twice on this one?


This is the most insanely blatant “in your face” neocon bullsh*ttery I’ve seen in my entire life. They just simply don’t give a f*ck anymore, it’s stunning.

Senator Explains Why We’re Going into Syria: Israel

Trump Vows Syria Retaliation WITHOUT Investigation – YouTube. Jimmy Dore.

Trump wants out of Syria, Five Minutes later…

Trump wants out of Syria, Five Minutes later....


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