Congressman Nunes: State Department monitoring journalist communications

Yes! They surveiled you and many many others using a supercomputer called #THEHAMR or #TheHammer, revealed in wikileaks #vault7 after Whistleblower Dennis Montgomery brought 47 hard drives to congress. U r great reporter please cover this

FISA’s were beard of legitimacy for #HAMR!!!!!!! And all info collected is fruit of the poisonous tree

Hey you know that secret database the FISC court wrist-slapped the IC about, said it collected too much data under 702, well that was actually #THEHAMR collecting that data *articles just came out about this yesterday

Original audio file of Sherriff Joe Arpaio and lawyers for Montgomery discussing the contents and contacting Fox News a couple of years ago:

Former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson alleged in 2013 she was under electronic surveillance for at least two years and that three classified documents were planted on her “compromised” computer.

Whistleblower Dennis Montgomery LEAKS 47 Hard Drives of CLASSIFIED INFORMATION and SURVEILLANCE to Representative Nunes! Part 2
Whistleblower Montgomery was a contractor for the CIA and NSA. He turned over 47 hard drives that contained surveillance of thousands including Trump to Freedom Watch / Judicial Watch.

h/t Aubrey Clare


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