CONNECTED: "Trump Dossier" author Christopher Steele led British FIFA Investigation, and why that matters

The left’s shrouded trail of strange and seemingly unconnected dots, are slowly coming together.
What we knew (very abridged):
• Qatar is the Wall Street for terrorist financing
• Qatar finances ISIS, was involved in Benghazi, Syrian Civil War, Arab Spring, etc. –
• Qatar was awarded the odd 2022 FIFA World Cup that for the first time will be hosted… during Winter?!
• Russia awarded the 2018 World Cup
• Lorreta Lynch’s first public priority as AG (after Holder resigned) was to hold a rare press conference alongside FBI Director Jim Comey, detailing a sting investigation on FIFA –
• Despite rampant FIFA corruption uncovered… Qatar and Russia still allowed to proceed with World Cups. Whitewashed and vindicated by Lynch.
What we know now (very abridged):
• Qatar paid Clinton Foundation for FIFA influence – Wikileaks
• Russia paid Clinton Foundation for uranium
• The job of Trump Dossier author, Christopher Steele, after leaving MI6 but before writing Trump Dossier… investigating FIFA! –
The Loretta Lynch & Jim Comey FIFA presser…

The British spy behind the Trump dossier helped the FBI bust FIFA –
October 2016 article on Fox News, where Gen. Michael Flynn spills beans on Qatar –
December 2016 article from NYTimes where anti-Mike Flynn rhetoric becomes more heated. The most curious part of the article is the byline which notes NYT writer Eric Schmitt contributed from Doha, Qatar –
March 2016 – Qatar looks to Airbnb to house World Cup fans in 2022 –
July 2016 – Eric Holder hired by AirBnb –