Connecting all the dots

by Godously

Maybe I’m on a roll today Maybe I just have a lot to say

you have to read this with a open mind, not as a republican or a democrat, but as a human being to be able to understand. take the blinders off for a sec and just hear me out without passing judgement

I used to keep my Conspiracy Beliefs to myself mainly because I’m a pretty private person and dont really like sharing my beliefs and I know how it is perceived by other people, how “impossible” it is for something like that to happen, you’re wrong and seen as a crazy person… which if you think I’m crazy then I guess we weren’t ever friends in the 1st place

The NWO has always been my “favorite(not in a good way)” conspiracy, or the one ive always researched more than others

There is a Global Power Struggle going on amongst the elites behind closed doors

But I’m seeing people I know start to open up their minds and go down some of these same rabbit holes that I have been in for years… some of these people being the people who were commenting on my original COVID post months ago about how way off I was, and how serious and deadly the virus was going to be…., and seeing that has inspired me to share my own thoughts from my research

I’m not asking you to believe in the conspiracies. I’m just asking you to think about with a open mind. Look at the connections. Connect the dots yourself and do your own research and form your own opinion.

But before doing so you have to understand 2 things… 1. The MSM controls us by triggering us to immediately react to our emotions, mainly with death & race being the big 2, because we are a reactionary society (which in turn forms as a habit, so we’ve essentially been trained, and then we start responding to people out of reactions but thats a different story for a different day)

  1. You have to understand that when it comes to the money involved with the elite… it’s an amount so large, that we can’t comprehend how powerful that amount of money is and what it can do for you, Because the elite are the wealthiest of the wealthy, and when you have that much money and powerful friends to go along with it, you have power and control, you can buy anything or anyone – all you need are the right people and systems surrouding you – money is the root of all evil correct? follow the paper trail

Now I’ll start with my 1st red flag

When the COVID pandemic started, I was in Fort Lauderdale, Florida playing baseball every morning with about 200 other dudes. With how contagious the virus was and continuing to spread like wildfire, South Florida was deemed as one of the hot beds for the virus During this time I spent in Florida, I also went to the Casino about 10 times (and yes I came out ahead for the whole trip) which was said to be one of the most contagious places you could go My family, including my 2 grandparents came to visit me for a week, where we also went gambling 3 different times. So after a month (middle of February – March 20th) of swapping sweat with 200 other guys everyday, consistently going to a gym which was in SoFlo, and as many times as I went to the casino… – I came home as soon as the stay at home quarantine orders were going into place because we had gotten shut down from playing baseball. I was bound to bring to virus home and get sick right? Then I got home and I started working Door Dash and Instacart, where I was coming into direct contact with people every day, all while not wearing a mask nor gloves, just sanitizing my hands between each delivery. Now through all that,… and when I say this dont get distracted from the point im trying to make… thankfully obviously, but from being in such a hot bed of where the virus was spreading, not only did I not get sick, but neither did 1 of the guys I was down in Florida with

I thought this virus was SOOO contagious?

Now, I’m not saying the virus isn’t real. I think the virus is very real, but I think it was intentionally mishandled to spread fear amongst the public so that the masses could be controlled through the media and directed the direction the media is wanting to push them to just like herding sheep – fear mongering -and unfortunately the people who had underlying issues and were put on ventilators had to suffer from being intentionally murdered by suffocation (what a coincidence that so many people (including me and my immediate family – I lost 15 pound in January from being sick) were complaining of the same symptoms as COVID in November, December, and January… and if you really want to dig, some even go as far back as last summer June – August. but when tested for flu, they all came back as a Respiratory Infection… the virus was already here…. Why?

Now on to some of my bullet proof points to show you “the new normal” as the media outlets are calling it. What could be so different that it is having to be recognized as “the new normal” after a pandemic? Do you mean its a New Normal because of the changes the New World Order is going to create globally?

Hmm.. things are getting interesting, now lets take a look

  • To start, they scared people into locking themselves in their house, which keeps you from coming in contact with all the bacteria we encounter daily that adds to the building of our immune system… remember we still have a flu season ahead of us, along with countless other viruses.. H1N1, bird flu, MONO, etc.

-They’ve created “the new normal” and programmed it to be repeated over and over again by media outlets across the country… What could possibly be so new about it?

-They’ve programmed you to wear a mask everywhere you go, which leads to you breathing in your own carbon dioxide, which has lead to multiple cases of people getting infections in the lining of their lungs from breathing in their own Carbon Dioxide for such a long period of time (where could I get such information like this if the MSM isn’t telling me, straight from peoples 1st hand encounters who were sharing their story) and breathing in the Carbon Dioxide for an extended period of time can cause Asphyxiation… hmm that word looks familiar, isn’t that the same cause of death that George Floyd suffered from? (dont get your panties in a wad, im merely connecting the dots for you, im not saying GF death wasn’t wrong, or that it was staged, or that he died from his masks, just giving you the puzzle pieces)

-Unemployment has now soared to an all time high, at a time when the African American unemployment rate was at a all time low

-Stock market began crashing

-Small business were told that they couldn’t operate, only big corporations were being pushed to open up, who are funded by the elite (Target – George Soros) (NWO)

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-Cities are now burning

-Now there is racial tension everywhere you look, its almost as if they are trying to divide us… do you know why?.. (To divide and conquer, but you can only divide and conquer if their are 2 parties (Democrat/Republican) that are split up and put against eachother, so they will cause a distraction over here so we can do something while you aren’t paying attention over here) (remember when those Astronauts went to space in the middle of a pandemic “Social Distancing”, at the same time Joe Biden tells black people they arent black if they dont vote for him, and then mere days later race wars are burning the country?)

-During the last few days of protest, there is a vast majority of human beings of all colors who are protesting peacefully, along with cops protesting with them. But they arent showing you the way people are coming together and uniting, no they are showing you the looting and rioting to make you believe there is a racial divide so that we will stay divided and continue pointing fingers at who’s fault it is

-Speaking of riots and protests, These are being pushed by the extreme left and right to make you believe that there is a divide. Remember that man in all Black destroying Autozone windows in broad daylight during the Peaceful Protests That same night, what was the big corporate store that got looted again? oh thats right, TARGET! which Is directly funded by George Soros who owns more than 550,000 shares of Target stock, 544,000 were bought in the 1st quarter of 2011

-Remember the funding of The WHO by Bill Gates? why would someone want so much stake in the World Health Organization. Is it so that he can manipulate the COVID numbers as he sees fit to make sure the sheep are herded in the right direction. and why is someone who’s claim to fame is creating the internet (technology) be so involved in a virus/pandemic. Could it be his obsession of Population Control which he has openly talked about for years, as well as saying that every human should be vaccinated (when he doesnt even vaccinate his own kids)((his wife did an interview on tv where she was openly wearing a upside down cross, Satanic Symbolism?)) its also interesting how 2 of his closest buddies are Dr Facui and George Soros.. hmm…

-Then we have the President, before you read this, you can’t read it with the hatred you have for Trump, read it just as “the president” with no other name or image attached. The President begins to take hydroxychloroquine which is proven to fight COVID, but yet the MSM continue to berate the president and discredits the affects of hydroxychloroquine. Why would they do that? to continue the divide? to make the president look bad in front of the nation? if the most protected person on the planet is taking a medicine that is proven to be working against a virus at pandemic levels… wouldnt you share the same medicine with the nation to protect your citizens? hmmm

-Property taxes will now go up due to the destruction from riots which were caused by extremist from the left and right… when people don’t have any money because they are unemployed or because the government told them their livelihood wasn’t essential? But dont worry, You can file unemployment and we’ll send you enough to get by, just to keep you happy and distract you from your freedoms disappearing

-The WHO has now been discredited with the information they have been giving out. The virus no longer spreads on surfaces and along with the inflation of numbers to frighten the population

-34 out of 50 states had more flu deaths in 2018 than Corona. Why did we shut down? 2 more of those states.. Georgia and Washington had COVID deaths that were similar to 2018 Flu Deaths. so 36 out of 50 states had less or equivalent to the same amount of deaths as the Flu, but were worried about a virus that has higher odds than getting struck by lightning? What about all the people that got killed in Chicago over Memorial Day weekend… crickets

-Blue states have continued to stay closed despite the numbers showing that its okay to open back up. Why would they stay closed and continue to affect their citizens, health and income. is it because they are intentionally trying to divide you?

-lets not forget for you mask wearers, stay at home people. and germaphobes, once you are acclimated back to society, you’ll be at more of a risk to getting sick due to your immune system being low from not coming in contact with bacteria… Remember how many more people die from Flu than COVID? (Population control?) (wear your mask forever?)

-Now you’re wondering why they would be going through all of this and what the end game is. Seeing how our rights have been continued to be taken away, your freedom of speech is being censored online, they have taken away your ability to work and have instead made people rely on the government to survive, through their corporate companies which put more money in their pockets and have crushed the every day average farmer that feeds the whole nation, instead they cut food supply, raise meat prices, and are trying to only use corporate farms where everything is injected with hormones and who knows what else ( is a war over the shortage of food coming next? ) Once America starts becoming a Socialist country, they are closer to a world control with NWO, Next up… America becomes a country of Communism and now the Elite control the world, How? They are in control of the most powerful country in the history of mankind, they have enough money to last for lifetimes (money is power) and they also control The WHO where they decide which vaccinations and medicines you get, along with having a “DR” on board

And for all of you Truth Seekers who continue to “fact check” every post because “you read it on the internet so it can’t be true” …. Okay Becky, if the MSM on TV is being controlled to create a certain narrative, what makes you think that the same narrative wouldn’t be pushed on social media by censoring posts that go against the direction they are trying to point you to. This is America, Don’t we have something called the Freedom of Speech which allows us to say what we want, where we want, including the internet

Now after reading all that and people still continue to think something isn’t up? 🤔 There are too many coincidences, and that’s only in a matter of 3 MONTHS!!!

Are You Awake Yet?

Now what I encourage you to do, research for yourself, and not through the MSM either where they control the narrative, I’m talking about research from actual humans, who have 1st hand accounts and you can pull from peoples personal experiences and form your own opinion.

This isn’t a matter of Political Parties.. Democrat vs Republicans. This is the Human Race vs The Corrupt Elite and if you can’t see that then “You are part of the problem” We as humans need to recognize this before it’s too late and human life as we know it is gone

Are you scared or Are you ready to fight?



Disclaimer: This is a guest post and it doesn’t necessarily represent the views of IWB.


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