Consequences? How about this consequence – we vote you OUT Trudeau!

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by JWhite

While we’re at it, let’s vote all these monkeys out in every country where these attitudes are prevailing.  Remember – every one of them has likely received a copy of Klaus Schwab’s book on implementing the Great Reset, as a free, unsolicited gift.  They seem to be colluding to implement all kinds of weird and wonderful new laws and initiatives.

Trudeau’s comment regarding ‘consequences’ refers to the mandate for all federal civil servants to be vaccinated unless they can prove a ‘legitimate’ medical reason for not doing so, as well as ‘anyone who gets on a plane or train’.  Marine transportation will be included as well.  Here is the full press conference; the vaccine mandate questions and answers are contained in minutes ~ 25 – 38.

This article has more:

Trudeau threatens public servants with ‘consequences’ if they don’t get COVID-19 jabs   – LifeSite (

Canada’s Transport Minister Omar Alghabra said Friday that the government of Canada will require employees in the federally regulated “air, rail and marine transportation sectors” to be vaccinated.

Canadian Charter of Rights is meant to “protect citizens” from the “arbitrary” intrusion of the state

Health Canada has authorized four COVID-19 injections for adults, all with connections to cells derived from aborted babies. All four have also been associated with severe side effects such as blood clots, rashes, miscarriages, and even heart attacks in young healthy men.

People’s Party of Canada (PPC) leader Maxime Bernier has publicly stated he will not get COVID-19 jabs.  Bernier is the only federal party leader who has come out strongly against mandatory COVID-19 jabs as well as vaccine passports.

Currently, both Manitoba and Quebec have forms of vaccine proof one can attain in digital form.

The government of Quebec recently said that it will go ahead with enforcing vaccine passports come the fall.

Recently, two provincial premiers have come out against COVID-19 vaccine passports, Alberta’s Jason Kenney and Ontario’s Doug Ford.

But then yesterday:

Ontario’s top doctor said Tuesday that anyone working public service jobs in the province should get COVID-19 jabs or face “regular” antigen testing along with Orwellian-sounding vaccine “educational sessions.”

Ontario govt pressures public workers to get vaccine or face education ‘sessions,’ regular testing – LifeSite (

The President of the Public Service Alliance of Canada has already stated he won’t implement the new mandate for federal employees.

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So this is going to be interesting….

At the moment there are Canadians all over the world who are precluded from going home to visit loved ones because they decided against the Covid shots, and are also reticent to allow a stranger to stick a swab so far up their nose that it pokes against the membrane to their brain (and is very painful as well).  I am one of them.

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