“Conservative” Acceptance of Homosexuality is Absolutely Sickening

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by Chris Black

You will hear these domesticated BRCC Gen Xers say stuff like “I accept it because I had a friend who turned out to be gay.”

That’s a bit like accepting drug addiction because you had a friend who was an addict.

It is often argued that because gay “isn’t a choice,” we must accept people “as they are.”

But it’s been shown through psych and gene research that addiction-prone personality traits are in-born, as well.

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These cuckservatives would never say we should be “tolerant” of addiction.

Gay “pride” is a glorification of maladaptive, high-risk, self-harming behavior, no different from telling a heroin addict to be “proud” of their heroin abuse.

It isn’t an accident that gay people have the highest rates of STD transmission and the associated complications.

Almost everyone who contracts HIV/AIDS is either a gay male or an intravenous drug abuser.

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Not an accident.

But we are expected to glorify and praise.

Any “conservative” who excuses this has given up on any coherent morality, since almost all of them condemn drug abuse.

It’s important to note that these cucks also love to hide behind their “Christian values.”

Christ did not teach us to be accepting of sin.

Pridefulness is a sin in itself.

It is literally incompatible with Christ’s teachings to tolerate “gay pride.”

Simple as.


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