Constitutional Carry Ohio: House Bill 174

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“COLUMBUS, Ohio — A proposed bill in the Ohio House of Representatives would make changes to the state’s concealed carry laws.

If passed, the bill would allow law-abiding people in Ohio, 21 and over, to carry a concealed weapon without getting a permit.”

Law-abiding Ohioans age 21 and older could legally carry hidden firearms without getting a permit under a proposal introduced by House Republicans and supported by Gov. Mike DeWine.

Posted by 10TV – WBNS on Friday, March 29, 2019

“10TV – WBNS”

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Here’s the bill:

“allowing a person age 21 or
older and not prohibited by federal law from
firearm possession to carry a concealed deadly
weapon without needing a license”

Removes the need for a CHL in Ohio!

Not just handguns! All ‘otherwise legal’ deadly weapons would be ok to carry w/o a permit! Got that AR under muh coat at the grocery ya know!

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“…modify the Weapons Law by renaming a concealed
handgun license as a concealed weapons license,
allowing a concealed weapons licensee to carry
concealed all deadly weapons not otherwise
prohibited by law…”

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