Consumer Price Index: Biggest Scam In US History Revealed!

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Discover the consumer price index scam that’s RIPPING YOU OFF! In this shocking video you’ll see how the CPI (consumer price index) has been changed by the government several times since the 1980 with the intent of lowering the official inflation numbers. They do this to make it seem like things are good, pay out less and take more of your hard earned money. This change in the CPI (consumer price index) is so subtle no one seems to notice. But once you start pulling back the layers of the onion and examining the facts, the CPI SCAM becomes totally obvious.

The government understates the consumer price index for numerous reasons. First it allows them to pay out less, second it allows them to default on their debt through higher rates of inflation, third they generate more revenue by pushing you into a higher tax bracket. It’s a CPI sleight of hand that would make the most devious Bond villain proud and it’s being perpetrated by your government.

This is a CPI (consumer price index) video every American must see. Specifically I’ll discuss the following:

1. What is the CPI (consumer price index) and why is it so important
2. How is the CPI calculated and how has the method changed
3. Shadow Stats
4. Why does the government want to manipulate the CPI
5. I reveal the shocking bombshell no one is talking about

Like I said at the end of the video, I rarely ask people to share it with the people they know, but this vid is different. I think every American needs to know how they’re being completely ripped off by CPI (consumer price index). So please spread the word and share this video with as many people as possible.


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