Contempt of Federal Court Can = 30 Years in Jail

Synopsis: A subscriber to this channel, whose name I will withhold, wrote in this evening in regards to the penalties any of that FBI agents could face who conspired to falsely swear to one of the FISA court judges, just for being held in contempt of court.
Most people aren’t aware how severe the penalties can be when held in contempt of court.
My source writes that if a Municipal Court judge hold someone in contempt, he can summarily sentence them – without a trial by jury – to 5 days in jail for each breach.
A Superior Court can sentence a contemnor to 30 days in jail for each occurrence.
However a Federal Court can sentence a contemnor to 30 years in jail plus fines for each offence. However for any sentence over 6 months a jury trial must be granted. But that means it’s true, that a FISA court judge could summons any of the offenders who misled the court to jail immediately. That’s why legal experts say that these offenders had better bring a toothbrush when they come to court.

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