Controversial Trump Fed nominee Judy Shelton headed toward Senate floor vote. She is critical of the Fed and supports a return to gold standard.

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Look at who POTUS wants to put on the Federal Reserve board of governors. They’ll have their own internal troll! She would make their meetings very interesting.


Controversial Trump Fed nominee Judy Shelton headed toward Senate floor vote
by Nihal Krishan | November 12, 2020

( – A controversial Trump Federal Reserve nominee, who has backed a gold standard, is likely to get a vote on the Senate floor next week after Majority Leader Mitch McConnell filed cloture on her nomination Thursday…

Shelton has generated opposition for her pointed criticisms of the Fed and her advocacy for a return to the gold standard as a monetary system…

Shelton said in 2011 that the Fed is “almost a rogue agency” and asked whether it could be trusted in having oversight of the dollar. She has also called for a 0% inflation target, as opposed to the bank’s current 2% target, and has raised the “fundamental question” of “Why do we need a central bank?”


Mitch McConnell calls for vote to advance Shelton’s Fed nomination

TPTB don’t like her because she’s sharp, likeable, a total class act and far too honest.


Nominee Judy Shelton doesn’t quite fit into the culture: Former Dallas Fed president

Fed alumni urge Senate to reject Donald Trump’s Fed board nominee Judy Shelton

Here she explains in her own words why she was one of the first to step up to be on President Trump’s 2016 economics advisory board.


U.S. Federal Reserve Power is Quite Unhealthy, Says Judy Shelton

Romney will oppose Trump Fed nominee Judy Shelton who BACKED GOLD STANDARD

Judy Shelton will change the world monetary system.

at 1:32 mark

“I like the idea of a gold standard. I mean, it could be used in a very cryptocurrency way.”



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