Convention of States movement picking up steam, to throw off corrupt big Government in DC!

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Do you really want to make Change? Do you really want to reign in a corrupt government?? 12 states have already passed it, more than a dozen others are looking into it!
You ask what you can do to throw off this corrupt DC Cabal?
Civil war and Revolution is not necessary, as we are a Constitutional Republic! Our forefathers gave us a remedy to stop it, but??? to do it you have to get involved! You cannot sit back and do nothing and expect that everything is just going to work out!
Tonight Steve Hilton gives insight into the movement currently taking place to end this corrupt DC cabal
Sign the Petition of Convention of States then get Involved in your state!
It Starts at 8:30 seconds in.
If you really want to Take America back this is your only opportunity, It will not come along again!
h/t Jake

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5 thoughts on “Convention of States movement picking up steam, to throw off corrupt big Government in DC!

  1. A constitutional convention would be the end of the country as they would use it to rewrite the Constitution.
    The federal government does not follow the Constitution now, what makes you think they will follow it when you add an amendment that says “pretty please follow the Constitution”?
    Do you really want to reign in a corrupt government? The answer is State sovereignty, the government our founders gave us. They gave us a federal government not a national government.

  2. uh, so all you have o do is Lobby your legislatures”? the very same ones who are part of the corrupt govt? does anyone else see the problem here? smh. the people just do not understand that they ARE the govt. not those gatekeepers who claim to be.

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