Cops investigate whether unvaccinated Uber driver deteriorating in a Queensland hospital with Covid ‘tried to ESCAPE the ward’ despite being on high flow oxygen

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  • Uber driver Duran Raman allegedly tried to escape a Gold Coast Covid ward
  • He was allegedly found in a hallway in the Gold Coast University Hospital 
  • Queensland Police said there was no breach of a public health direction 
  • Dr Jeannette Young said on Friday Raman’s condition had ‘deteriorated’ 
  • He was unvaccinated and had allegedly not used check-in codes for a month 
  • The entire Broadbeach resort where he lives has been listed as an exposure site 

The unvaccinated Uber driver being cared for in a Queensland hospital has allegedly tried to flee the ward despite needing a constant supply of oxygen.

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Duran Raman was allegedly found in a hallway at Gold Coast University Hospital after he left his isolation room on Sunday night.

Police travelled to the hospital to speak to the 36-year-old but did not arrest or charge the rideshare driver, the Courier Mail reports.

Raman is required to remain in his hospital room for 14 days regardless of if his infectious period is over under a public health direction.

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