CoronaVirus is a VERY Toxic Super Virus — Insight from CHINA

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by Crypto-Tard

From an email list of Chinese people I know, this is via Google translate, so not the best English (it’s ok to repost). These people are Falun Gong practitioners from China, they are persecuted, tortured and have suffered live organ harvesting just for meditating (;

This is easy to understand and I try to use too few technical terms. According to feedback, in the actual truth-telling effect, the mainland people are easy to accept. I also asked several people to submit amendments. Sort it out for your reference when telling the truth. The attachment is in type. If you find any errors or inaccurate words, please correct me in time! Thank you, how toxic is the new Coronavirus?

Medical Nursing Professional tells you to sort it out: Recently, a senior medical nursing professional analyzed and summarized the toxicity of New Coronavirus based on her many years of nursing experience, thinking that this is a five-virus super virus.

(I) Infection route In terms of the infection route, it almost includes the transmission routes of other human infectious diseases.

1) Physical contact infection. Contact with items contaminated by the virus-infected person may result in infection. For example, plague, smallpox transmission.

2) Gastrointestinal infection. Shared tableware infections, and the patient’s bowel movements also spread. For example, tuberculosis and hepatitis are transmitted through this route.

3) Respiratory infections such as influenza, measles, etc.

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4) Airborne infections, aerosol infections, viruses can adhere to small water particles and particles in the air, and even with a mask, the protective effect is limited. Just like influenza virus, tuberculosis virus.

5) Blood infection. Infection through blood. For example AIDS, syphilis, hepatitis B virus, Ebola virus. There have also been reports of mother-to-child transmission.

(II) Incubation period The SARS incubation period is only 2 to 7 days, while the incubation period of the new crown virus is generally about 10 days. The incubation period of some patients can reach 14 days. In rare cases, it can exceed 24 days or longer, which greatly reduces all isolation measures .

(III) Asymptomatic infection SARS patients are not infected during the incubation period, and patients with new crown virus can be infected during the incubation period, even when they are asymptomatic. Some patients may be infected with the virus after being cured.

(IV) Difficult to detect Some experts say that it is the most cunning virus. During the incubation period, it can evade all current detection methods. Some infected people are not detected by various persistence methods during the incubation period, and he may be regarded as a normal person and continue to be a source of infection.

(V) Attack on more organs of the human body SARS usually only attacks the lungs and respiratory tract of patients. However, in addition to mainly attacking the lung, neocoronavirus may attack the heart, kidneys, reproductive system or other organs. This is why some patients die suddenly.

(VI) Transmission ability At present, its mortality rate is much lower than that of Ebola virus and bird flu (more than 50%), which has the highest mortality rate. However, from the perspective of transmission power, viruses with lower mortality rates have stronger transmission power and more people. If mortality is high, the source of infection decreases rapidly. In view of the rapid spread of the new crown virus, strong toxicity, and the current protective isolation measures have limited effectiveness, in the case of no effective treatment against it, improving autoimmunity has become the most important goal of defense against the new crown virus.

As the saying goes: Seven points of mental illness, three points of illness, maintain a happy mood, and have good intentions. Ancient books such as “Holding a Tail” (authored by the famous doctor Ge Hong of the Jin Dynasty) and other records of meditation can prevent plagues, which is consistent with modern medical findings that meditation can improve the body’s autoimmunity.



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