Coronavirus: It’s only about three weeks before all hell breaks loose.

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by kent_k

I said a month ago that the Coronavirus wouldn’t be contained. We have been consistently told to shut up about it through “it’s only a wannabe flu.” or “It’s not a pandemic.” gaslighting. Now it’s spread to Africa and South America. It’s only about three weeks before all hell breaks loose. I’m talking people rushing your local neighborhood stores to clear the shelves of food. What you thinks going to happen when married people with kids who both need a job for basic rent can’t get their kid to school and their work place shuts down for weeks? This is America, not China where people do as they’re told. Here a person will blow a cops face off for telling them to stay inside. This is no joke. Just hope you got enough food and supplies to last at least a month because things are about to get a lot worse. We’re talking martial law, national guard and more. Economic meltdown is coming.

Even a U.S. soldier now has Coronavirus in South Korea –

Also, Ventura County is 30 minutes away from Los Angeles with a population of 10 million people. The gov’t thinks this this a good place to quarantine coronavirus patients? It’s very possibly going to be spreading from California to the rest of the nation first, I live near this area and it’s a very stupid place to house patients and the local hospital system can’t handle coronavirus patients –


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