Reddit’s Ministry of Truth has removed mods from r/the_donald and is attempting to infiltrate the mod team with a list of “vetted and approved applicants”

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by upvoatz

The slow creep of death of The_Donald has sped up. (self.The_Donald)
submitted 4 hours ago by shadowman3001MHM – announcement

(Former, as of minutes ago, top mod of the last few years here)

First they changed upvote algorithms to keep us from reaching the masses.

Next, they outright censored us from /all.

Then, they quarantined us, to make it difficult to even see our words, much less spread them.

Then, one by one, they added new rules to stifle what would could even say behind the quarantine. Users were sitewide banned, automod size increased to prevent you from speaking freely.

Still not enough, they decided to start banning us for even liking content we see, things we didn’t personally even create. Wrongthink.

Now, they’ve removed half of our mods, and will be installing their own.

Reddit never wanted to remove The_Donald, but they have wanted to kill us. Not by shutting us down, but by starving us out. Censoring our good content, making it less interesting, making you fear what you can post, or even upvote. It makes less negative press for them to slowly kill us off and replace us than to outright ban us.

Reddit is dead. The_Donald is dead.

We knew this was coming, and we created a lifeboat. A place to bring back the old The_Donald, before they began their Chinese censorship. A place free of Reddit communists.

Join up. The ship has sank.

Current mod list, for record:

Here’s just some of the things I can remember the reddit mods doing to that sub:

  • Made it so it couldn’t get on the front page
  • Had u/spez edit a user’s post in there
  • Changed the voting system so that 1 vote no longer equals 1 vote
  • Fudged the numbers on how many people are subbed to and post in the sub
  • Removed a bunch of mods
  • Quarantined it
  • Now will be installing their own mods

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