Coronavirus: More Evidence Of Long-Term Lung Damage.

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As if we didn’t need more reasons NOT to desire to contract covid-19, new research underscores the lasting toll it can take on the lungs.

In one new study, 66 out of 70 patients hospitalized with coronavirus-caused pneumonia were left with tissue lesions indicative of chronic lung disease. While we don’t yet know for certain, there’s a chance the damage is permanent.

Similar damage was seen in the previous SARS and MERS outbreaks. But unlike those, which generally impaired a single lung, covid-19 appears more likely to inflict both lungs right away.

Chris also addresses the Backfire Effect in today’s video, which explains why controversial ideas often are responded to with forceful denial and pushback by the establishment.

Yet another reason we must continue to seek out impartial information and think critically for ourselves.


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