Coronavirus Patients Warned Of New ‘Frost Bite’ And ‘Red Hives’ Symptoms

I told you months ago these weird symptoms would start to come out in the press as doctors begin reporting on them.

I for one am not surprised in the least, as I have had some of them.

It took them YEARS to fully understand HIV and it’s course of disease.

From the article:

Scientists studying coronavirus have warned Covid-19 sufferers to watch out for a new symptom similar to frostbite

It is well-know coronavirus is likely to show itself as a high fever, headache, fatigue or a strong persistent cough.

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Sufferers have also reported diarrhoea, loss of smell and taste, a strange fizzing sensation on the skin and a testicle pain in men.

Researchers are finding new things about the disease every day, and scientists in France believe they have now discovered a range of symptoms which affect the skin.

The symptoms include hives, painful red skin and a smilier condition to frostbite.


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