Coronavirus: Toronto recalls $200K worth of ‘poor quality’ masks distributed to long-term care homes. Masks were made in China from an unknown vendor.

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City of Toronto staff say approximately $200,000 worth of surgical face masks distributed to the City’s long-term care homes in response to the coronavirus pandemic are being recalled, citing “poor quality.”

In a statement released Tuesday afternoon, City staff said 1,252 boxes containing 50 masks per box — a total of 62,600 masks — were distributed to the municipally-owned long-term care homes on March 28. The masks, which were manufactured in China, were delivered the day before from an unspecified vendor.

“After reports of ripping and tearing, further inspection of the masks determined that the masks ordered did not meet the City’s standard and specifications,” the statement said, adding the masks are being returned to the vendor for a “full refund.”

China is absolutely destroying their reputation abroad. We all know there’s ‘Made in China’ quality but it’s just pure garbage now.

The CCP needs to QC all medical equipment exported from China. If they are and this is still getting sent out, well then that’s another problem as well…


The UK Government will look for a refund for millions of coronavirus tests ordered from China after scientists found they were too unreliable to be used by the public.

The Government will look for a refund for millions of coronavirus tests ordered from China after scientists found they were too unreliable to be used by the public.

Ministers will attempt to recoup taxpayers’ money spent on the fingerprick tests after an Oxford University trial found they returned inaccurate results.

The failure is a significant setback because it had been hoped the antibody tests would show who had already built up immunity, therefore offering a swifter route out of lockdown.

On March 25, Dr Sharon Peacock, from Public Health England (PHE), hailed fingerprick tests as a “game-changer” and suggested they would be available to the public within days.

But Professor Sir John Bell, from Oxford University, who advises the Government on life sciences, said on Monday that disappointing trials meant a mass antibody test was now at…



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