Corporations Care About Equality. How Nice.

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by JumboReverseShrimp

Thankfully corporations are looking out for the oppressed. I though we had no one looking out for us.

“Don’t pretend there’s not a problem in America.” “Don’t turn your back on racism.”

‘This is a moment when many people may want nothing more than a return to normalcy, or to a status quo that is only comfortable if we avert our gaze from injustice. As difficult as it may be to admit, that desire is itself a sign of privilege. George Floyd’s death is shocking and tragic proof that we must aim far higher than a “normal” future, and build one that lives up to the highest ideals of equality and justice.‘

“We stand for equality.”

Oh, wait.

Meanwhile in Asia:

“Apple says it is dedicated to the ethical sourcing of minerals, but the programme found evidence that tin from illegal mines could be entering its supply chain. It found children digging tin ore out by hand in extremely dangerous conditions – miners can be buried alive when the walls of sand or mud collapse.“

‘A recent report included Under Armour Inc. among 19 clothing brands that received a failing grade for being unable to show that is paying a living wage to workers in countries outside of the U.S.

‘The Clean Clothes Campaign, an alliance of labor unions and non-governmental organizations advocating for human rights, surveyed 20 companies about the wages they are paying. Other brands besides Baltimore-based Under Armour to get a failing grade include competitors Adidas, Nike Inc. and Puma. The only company surveyed that did not get a failing grade was Italian luxury brand Gucci, which got a “C.”‘

Nike Sweatshops: Behind the Swoosh  (20:30)

It is interesting how the media stirs up riots and companies that haven’t cared about their workers in the past are looking out for the downtrodden. A bunch of rich sociopaths trying to convince the gullible that they are the good guys. I await the media’s calling out of this hypocrisy.


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