Corporations Going ALL OUT With Massive Leverage! Debt Expansion Will Create Havoc

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Everyone is in debt. Corporations use debt. Apple has $200 billion in cash on hand and still borrows excessive levels of debt. Nations, cities, and people are heavily in debt, and ultimately this puts a heavy strain on the entire system. There is only so much debt it can handle without causing a backlash. A failure. This is inevitable and yet we are witnessing it all in slow motion, denial from every angle, and mountains of history books warning of the obvious, but nobody even cares anymore.


Airline CEOs plead with Washington as layoffs loom | TheHill

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FlexShares STOXX® Global ESG Impact Index Fund – ESGG ETF

Private Equity Firms Storm Leveraged Loan Market to Fund Payouts – Bloomberg

Private equity owners pile on leverage to pay themselves dividends | Financial Times

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FinCEN Files Show Criminals Moved Billions As Banks Watched



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