COSTA & RUCKER: Trump’s resilience causes Dems to sound alarm… Republicans raise $100 million during impeachment!

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COSTA & RUCKER: Trump’s resilience causes Dems to sound alarm… 

WASHINGTON – Anxiety is coursing through the Democratic Party as President Donald Trump emerges from his impeachment proceedings as a potent threat for reelection, with party leaders and activists uncertain about how to beat the incumbent and worried about a nominatingrace that remains crowded and is growing more acrimonious.

While Democrats see Trump as a corrosive figure and a threat to the nation, they also see the president and his well-funded campaign tailoring a reelection bid around the strong economy and visceral appeals to his ardent supporters.

Republicans raise $100 million during impeachment! 

The Republican National Committee said it brought in a total of $117 million off online fundraising efforts opposing the impeachment of President Donald Trump from late September through Wednesday, gaining 1 million new donors in the process.

The tally only refers to money the RNC, the Trump campaign and a joint fundraising committee said they collectively raised from small-dollar donors through its “Stop the Madness” campaign, which was promoted with TV and digital ads after Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s announcement on Sept. 24 that the House would open an impeachment inquiry into the president and ran until his acquittal in the Senate on Feb. 5.

The ads, which appeared online on Google, Facebook, Hulu, YouTube, Instagram, and the Drudge Report, as well as on TV, cost $11.3 million and garnered 460 million impressions, RNC spokesman Rick Gorka told McClatchy.

Gorka added in a statement that the money will allow the GOP to invest more quickly in states Trump lost in the last election but hopes to win in 2020, such as New Mexico, Nevada, Minnesota and New Hampshire.

“With the additional financial support, we are actively looking at additional ways to expand the map beyond our historic field program already in place,” Gorka wrote.

“It also is putting Democrats in a tough place,” he added in the statement. “The Democrats did not see the money and energy like we did and it is costing them every day.”

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