Costs Breakdown of Owning My Dog – Gary the Lab. Mix

by BrownBear_96

Hey everyone,

I was playing with my dog today and started thinking about the costs associated with owning him. I remembered there was a post on this sub not too long ago that broke down the cost of owning a dog so I though it would be good to give y’all another dog ownership cost assessment. This is all the costs my GF and I have had in the first six months of owning our dog plus what we expect to pay for the rest of the year.

Adoption Fee – $40

Dog Crate – $65

Dog Collars, leashes, and seat belt – $45

Dog Tag – $45

Heartworm, Tick, and Flea Preventative Medication – $150 every six months, $300/yr.

Toys – $80 to date, projecting another $40 in the next 6mo.

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Pet Insurance – $45/mo, $540/yr.

Dog Food – $55 every six weeks, $476/yr.

Hygiene (includes nail trims, shampoos, teeth care, etc.) – $14/mo., $170/yr.

Treats (we opt for a combination of bones and soft treats) – $21/mo., $250/yr.

Annual Exam + Booster Shots – $300

Total Cost: $2,351

Regarding pet insurance, unless you have a beefy savings account and no other things to save for (like say a down payment on a car/house, a wedding, etc.) — or you are willing to put a large pet bill on a credit card — you are better off getting pet insurance. Enrolling in this will make sure you can afford a large pet bill and not have to compromise on your pet’s care. That said, do your research on each pet insurance provider and be sure to enroll your pet as soon as you can if you do decide to purchase it (pet insurance providers will not cover anything associated with an accident/illness that occurred before you enrolled your pet).

Hopefully this provides y’all an idea of how much a dog can cost in the first year. Obviously some of these expenses are optional/flexible, so it really comes down to how much you are willing to invest in certain things. At the end of the day, dog ownership is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Having this 55lb rugrat has been so much fun and has taught me a great deal.


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