Countries Are Slapping the Unvaccinated With Fines and Bans

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These Countries Are Slapping the Unvaccinated With Fines and Bans

Greece plans to fine elderly citizens who don’t get a shot
Germany may make vaccination against Covid compulsory

Germany and Israel are moving closer to making Covid-19 vaccine shots compulsory, Greece is introducing fines and Spain is banning some unvaccinated travelers…

Greek Fines
The government is making vaccines mandatory for all Greeks above 60 years of age. From next month, refuseniks will pay a 100-euro ($113) fine every month they don’t get a shot, with the funds going to hospital services. In Greece, only 60,000 among the 580,000 unvaccinated people over 60 years old received the vaccine in November.

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Austria’s Lockdown

Officials are also working on plans to impose mandatory vaccinations from February, with fines reaching as high as 7,200 euros ($8,151).

Singapore’s Medical Bills
In Singapore, those who choose not to get their jabs will now have to pay for their own medical bills if they get Covid. Patients who receive therapeutics and stay in intensive care units may have to pay about S$25,000 ($18,460), according to a median estimate released by the health ministry.

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