Countries Around The World Are Already Transitioning Their Economies – Gold/Silver!

by Thinker

The matrix is collapsing and what’s behind the curtains is now being exposed and Americans aren’t happy about the decades of lies from past government administrations, that is showing through the Trump transparency. For many who are getting hit with information that they should have known long ago, are upset, angry, and outraged!!! Why are there homeless citizens and veterans in the USA??? Because $21 trillion was lost and can’t be found and the billions of gold still missing from under the towers that fell to the ground.

How long will the American people suffer from the lies of politicians that have brought a country to its knee’s. China…no wars, fresh armies, in countries all over the world just like the U.S. without losing one man or woman in violence. It would seem that what Donald Trump is doing is emulating a nation that did it the right way…you don’t have to bomb to be on top.

Trump waking up and playing the game with words and not weapons!!!

No one wants the dollar anymore, and it looks like there won’t be anymore wars to protect it.