COUNTRIES KEEP FALLING TO “CHINA STYLE” COMMUNISM: Spain new law: all retirees could be mobilize. Private property can be confiscated

The Government prepares a law that allows to mobilize all those of legal age and requisition their property

After almost a year and a half of pandemic, the Government is preparing a reform of the National Security Law with important consequences for citizens and their freedom.

As published today by the newspaper El País , among the novelties it will contemplate that every person of legal age will be obliged to carry out the “personal benefits” required by the competent authorities in the event that a state of crisis is declared in our country. An obligation that will mark the law, according to this newspaper, following the guidelines of the National Security Council that has not established exceptions.

This is contemplated in the reform of this rule prepared by the Government of Pedro Sánchez, which determines that a state of crisis is a “situation of interest to National Security . ” For this reason, it will also include from the possibility of temporarily requisitioning all types of property, to the intervention or provisional occupation of those that are necessary, through the suspension of all types of activities. As compensation, the rule also includes, according to the Prisa newspaper, those who suffer financial losses due to the seizure of their property or the interruption of their activity will have the right to be compensated . The same does not happen with those who are obliged to make a personal benefit for which the new reform does not collect any compensation.

According to El País, although the draft law does not specify it, it is assumed that personal benefits and the requisition of material will be related to the type of crisis in question, whether of a health, environmental, economic, financial nature, etc. What the articles do make clear is that the measures adopted will be gradual and proportionate to the situation to be faced and will be limited to the time strictly necessary to overcome the crisis situation.

All adults will be required to provide “personal services” to the state if a crisis is ever declared in Spain, according to the reform of the National Security Law being prepared by the government.

The reform also states that authorities can temporarily requisition all types of assets, take over or temporarily occupy those that are needed and suspend all activity. Citizens who are economically harmed by these actions have the right to compensation, according to the document. In its preliminary version, the bill does not include compensation for people whose services are required by the state.

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