coup d’etat

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by IndenturedServant, TBP
Brenden Dilley’s source has said there will be as many as nine more Memo’s IIRC but only four or five will be released because they will be “enough”. 
I see two attempted coups here. One is against Trump being elected which is de facto overthrow of the government. The other coup was thwarted when Trump won because had Hitlary won she was likely to be the last US President before she surrendered the sovereignty of the USA to the One World Government, New World Order crowd. That will come out later though.


3 thoughts on “coup d’etat

  1. its all dog and pony show. claiming “they” never thought killary would lose is great drama. but thats all it is. note how the govt has been tied up over this nonsense for over a year now?

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