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A Huge conspiracy has been perpetrated on the American people, nay, on the world. Economy now worse than great depression which brought WW2 on the scene. Is this all leading to WW3? In 1929 the unemployment rate in America was 25 %, it is now over 30 %, especially if you consider we are not even counting 15 million Mexican Americans, That would make the figures possibly 40 %. Those now living in Poverty in America are now over this percent as it would be insane to assume those with work were not living in poverty. Those with work are 30 to 40 % then the one working but in poverty would be much higher. The number of people making over 250,000 dollars now is only 2 % of the population, there are no rich anymore, only those very small of the elite who control us all!!!!!! They are the few at the top, less than 1 percent, maybe 300 families.

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  1. and yet the foozball stadium is a sell out at every game…sounds like you have a divergence from your thesis there…I’m sure those tickets are not free…

    • if one could see who is buying all these high dollar seats to these games it is not the average working man……it is – BIG BUSINESS – filling up these seats……looks CAN BE and ARE deceiving……in truth the economy is tanking and those in denial will suffer the most….

    • dont know where you get your misinformation, but I have sen more blacked out games because of lack of stadium attendance, and there are more empty seats in some of the major team stadiums this season then the past few. Id say you shoud stop watching it on TV where th cameras are trained to make things look filled, and perhaps go to a game..youll see.

      • Same with the UFC/Bellator events. If you watch closely, when the camera’s pan around, you can see many empty seats…most people do not notice it because their attention is focused on the fight. Also, I have noticed many fighters wearing shorts with NO sponsor logo’s on them. The UFC President, Dana White, says that “the economy is bad and fans can not afford to buy the sponsors gear, likewise, what we are seeing is a trickle down effect”… Lastly, with the exception of a few major big name fights, the UFC Pay-Per-View buy rates have been trending down over the last 2 years.

        • these are the same people that deny our economy is sinking STILL, because “stock prices are up”. What did that Ron White guy say? You cant fix stupid? Sure cant, but you can smack stupid upside the back of the head every now and again to remind them of their situation

      • agree, also smart folks stay out of crowds, any type crowds, rallies, concerts, etc. General comments: both my brothers didn’t set the world on fire in high school; but learned trades and worked, one played in a band pt time and did plumbing work. The other one worked making airplane parts, Husband was skilled HVAC. Trades aren’t shipped over seas. Auto mech., electricians, HVAC, aircraft mech, various technicians, etc. Slackers: get trained and get a damn job. My generation did who is now retired. Folks on food assistance must be made to work even if it is type of community svc.

  2. well, all of you that have thought that your vote had power, go back to the polls and vote for another one that will continue to sell you out, you have done this for over a hundred years, you have voted for your own poverty, loss of wealth, rights and freedoms under the pretense that your leaders represented you, well fools your leaders serve the rich not you. And those of you who thought you was serving your country, while you was serving the military industrial complex, the global banking cabal, corporations overseas, your own country was lost, you are now reaping the fruits of your own ignorance, complacency, and refusal to take responsibility for yourself or your country. America is over and so is the lives of a big part of americans, also you can also thank all the religious fanatics, newagers and liberal for the mess that you face. the chickens are coming home to roost enjoy now what you have created with your voting.

    • What did Albert Einstein say?
      “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is >>> INSANITY!”
      This behavior describes the voting process in America PERFECTLY!
      America is filled with a bunch of INSANE folks!

        • ??? Whatever!
          The fact is…doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is >>> REALLY STUPID!
          How’s that for you? Feel better? If not, keep voting and see where you find yourself 2,4,6,8,20 years from now!

          • …anyone who does the same thing over and over and expects different results, may have integrity issues as well?
            Either way, it is what the American people do when they vote…

  3. Cover-up #2 : The real number is more than 50%…. if you take the number of working-aged Americans and subtract the number of working-age Americans filing tax returns you get a whopping 53% of them unemployed.
    And to “duffer” (the obvious gov’t shill here): No one with half a brain in their head uses football stadiums as economic indicators. Please take your TV mentality back to Sesame Street where it belongs, you moron.

  4. This information is good…..I guess…..but I wish that if people were going to post informational videos to YouTube, they would get their info organized ahead of time so they could present it clearly, succinctly and coherently. I have no patience to listen to people whose speech is filled with “uh, uh”, “and….and”, “you know” and who ramble on taking 10 minutes to say what could easily have been said in 5. I quickly give up on such videos, always assuming (perhaps unjustly) that these people are just rambling on and don’t really know what they are talking about.

      • JOSEPH,oboozo hired TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND,trolls to discredit anyone on the NET,and waste the time of people trying to warn everyone,SO don’t worry when you encounter them,WE can’t change anyones mind,OUR JOB IS TO WARN THEM,and plant the seeds we hope will grow at a later date,IF we succeed, there will be a cellibration in HEAVEN,cause another SOUL that was lost ,HAS NOW BEEN SAVED………and you did GOOD again..THATS our only job,we’ll ALL BE STANDING IN FRONT OF THE LORD SOME DAY,and he’ll say YOUR A GOOD and FAITHFUL SERVANT,come on in…………….

    • SEAGRAPE,your one of those ROCKET SCIENCIST who will enjoy the FEMA camps,we know your a me,me,me,me american, who don’t want anyone to be warned but yourself,BUT today ain’t your day,So just be happy some one bothered to tell you anything,because you know they didn’t have too….and I’am sure the warnings weren’t aimed at you anyway……………….

  5. Time to move out of the country. This land is cursed and being judged. Get out while you can because your private property and money will be confiscated. You and your children will be enslaved. History repeats itself and America is not immune. I’m stuck here because the rest of my family is totally ignorant to what is really going on. They are drinking the Kool-aid that the media is giving them. Maybe you can save your family. Please do so while there is still time left.

  6. Look, this is nothing new. There has always been a 1-2% that are the very wealthy. The reason they are wealthy is because they are smart and know how to hold on to that wealth so that will never change. The real problem currently is that it is so hard to start a business. A legitimate business that can survive I want to add. The American dream is not supposed to be one of working an average or minimum wage job just to survive to be employed. The education model for the last 30 years has been set up for everyone to go to school and get an education so you can work a job for one of these rich people. They have turned their back on most American’s and went outside for more qualified work and all of a sudden American’s are left jobless in a country filled with immigrants. American’s role in the economy is to provide jobs for other’s. To create and produce and build something, and somewhere a long the line that role was stolen (or given) away. The regulations, taxes, and dis-incentive to start a business is the reason why unemployment is so high.

  7. COME ON YOU GUYS,where’d you get your math skills at anyway,IF 57% of working age people who are working and HAVE A JOB,that means 43% who are able to work and would be working,are unemployed,THE UNEMPLOYEMENT IS 43% of the nations work force,IS UNEMPLOYED……43% not 30%..,if anyone believes anything that comes out of a lieing whores mouth,WELL I guess if you get AIDS,its your own fault ain’t it………..AND THE US GOVERNMENT are the worst lieing whores the world has ever seen,and they are getting ready to do something about it too……BROKE and STUPID is a really bad combination,but that describes americans to a “T”………………..

    • It may not be “correct to the umpteenth decimal place”, but everyone who’s been in the real world knows that there are a lot more people looking for work these days than there are jobs.
      We all also know that most of these “wonderful NEW JOBS” that have “been created” are part time, or “replacements” for full time positions, and that their wages are considerably lower than the jobs they replaced.
      You might be happy with saying it’s a “crackpot piece”, but if there’s a known pot, and a known crack in it, perhaps a little more digging into the subject wouldn’t be such a bad idea?

  8. That vid was good , but th unemployement numbers , are probably fine ,but what about the WELFARE numbers , people who are not working at all .once someone’s UI checks stop coming in , they do not count as being on UI ,, so 7.4% unemployement rate plus say 30% on welfare = almost 40% of the population not working , man we are soooooooooo f***ked

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