What are the Odds? Signs They Are Planning A Superbowl Attack!

Ok , Finding that all 3 movies had direct connection made me raise a brow. But after seeing what Rutherford means……..WoW!

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42 thoughts on “What are the Odds? Signs They Are Planning A Superbowl Attack!”

    • You should care. If an attack like that happened in the United States our government would more likely than not fail . . . that is the Federal Government. The ONLY reason Europe has been at peace for as long as it has is due to the occupation by United States forces, which are there today. Look at the Ukraine. There are no U.S. occupying forces in eastern Europe. Now there is civil war. Would you like to discuss Serbia, or any other of the Balkan nations. Should the Federal Government fail, which I do believe would be the natural result of such a catastrophic failure to prevent such an attack, there would be a giant power vacuum in the world, as the U.S. citizens would demand a complete revamping of our foreign policy. What follows would be so completely shocking the world would plunge into the dark ages for a time. Apart from the chaos that would ensue once the stabilization brought to regions by our troops ends, I believe the U.S. citizens would renounce their debt obligations to the world not unlike Iceland did recently. Poof no more economy.

      • What a load of bollocks! The world would be much better off without bully-boy USA interfering and spying on everyone and everything. Plus, a united Europe would beat the pants of the soft Yankee crap that they are now recruiting into their army.
        It’s only a matter of time sunshine and you U.S.A will be about as powerful as the once British Empire once was.

      • Horseshit, the whole cold war was a scam and the USA doesn’t protect anyone here in Europe. in fact they are there to make sure no strong European nation arises again.

        • XD HA HA! The best was when it came out a couple of years ago, that USSR didn’t really ever develop the capacity to surprise attack us, short of physical invasion (a la “Red Dawn”). Fascinating that ANYONE believes the government propaganda re. Putin/Russia.
          Thanks though, for pointing out what should be obvious to everyone regarding US presence abroad.

      • Where the f- did you come up with that one? TV?
        You don’t understand economics very well, do you? …or geopolitics.
        Iceland is doing great. The only people that suffered when Iceland defaulted were banks and rich (pardon, stinking rich) foreign investors. Iceland took care of Icelanders and now have a strong, growing economy that benefits Iceland and Icelanders, not foreign banks and speculators.
        IDK why you think that the US is “occupying” any of Europe. We aren’t, and if we don’t get back into line soon, there will be ZERO US military presence in Europe, especially Germany.
        Do you know how to prevent forest fires…?
        While it may seem counter-intuitive, the answer is lot’s of little fires. The prevention of defaults (market discipline, the cornerstone of an actual free market; something never seen yet), not only shifted the consequence of bad business practices/decisions squarely onto the shoulders of citizens who were in no way involved in those practices/decisions (a true hallmark of fascism), but has now demonstrably crashed the REAL economy of the US. You don’t really think that 37% actual unemployment (~24% when only counting people who would otherwise be working) with an absolutely, artificially bloated stock market is a good thing, do you?!

        • I came up with it by understanding how politics work. Frankly I think that you greatly misread U.S. politics. Our Federal Government does the bidding of European monetary interests. That is why I personally petition my Senators for war against the United Kingdom with the desire to confiscate all monetary accounts of the UK and, if necessary, park the howitzers of the First Marine Division in Trafalgar square with the muzzles facing the Bank of England with an eye to liberate the people of the United Kingdom. I believe that the countries of the UK should be 51st through 54th states of the United States. We could then dismantle the common wealth and cease immigration of citizens from those countries. We would liquidate the royalty as a political body and set about finally ending the American Revolution. It makes more sense from a cultural stand point to unite with the people of the UK than with our current treaty NAFTA that united us with Mexico. However, the key to the banker’s control of the economy is by ensure a balkanized political class so as to ensure political instability so that conflict may be funded with interest. However, I stand by my assertion that the Federal Government of the United States would not last 18 months should an attack on the Super Bowl result in a substantial loss of life. You probably don’t realize that the Contracts Clause in our U.S. constitution was inserted to placate the monetary interests of England so that a temporary cease fire could be set in place after Cornwallis’ defeat at Yorktown. That’s right our U.S. constitution mandates that the English monetary interests be protected. I have long advocated repealing the Contracts Clause as have others with more prominent credentials than mine. However, in view of the repeal not being likely I offer a reasonable alternative declaration of war against the English banking interests. By the way I know that Iceland is doing fine . . . that is the natural result of reneging on any putative duty of the public to make good in the private bank’s contracts with the English banking interests. There again, Iceland has no reason to usurp the English from a historical consideration. The U.S., on the other hand, still needs compensation for the Great Depression caused by the English banking interests.

          • You can’t have a war with the owners, I’m afraid.
            The US is a crown corporation, that is, it is owned by the City of London, and by proxy, the saxe-gotha-coburg British royalty.

          • Well I am not sure as to the actual control structure, but suffice it to say that in so far as you state that the United States Federal Government advances the interests of a foreign power to the detriment of the United Citizens, I have difficulty disagreeing with you. If only our military commanders would come to realize the situation.

          • I will leave you with this thought . . . once oppression is identified, the political forces that support the same usually fall in less than a generation. The concept is knowledge of the oppression and how to divulge the oppression. I can assure you of this . . . the United States office of naval intelligence and its supporters are no way in lock step with you saxe-gotha-coburg political group. It is why we have some much dissension in the U.S. right now. The CIA is constantly at war with the other intelligence agencies. Why do you think there is such a big movement against the NSA. The CIA can get away with nothing so long as the NSA knows everything. In short the minions of the sax-gotha-coburg cabal, or what ever it is called, can’t take a poo without the NSA perform a spectral analysis of the same and knowing what they had to each the last 6 months.

          • our federal govt does the bidding of the jew world order.
            thats why we are broke.
            thats why we are hated.
            it seems like a foreign entity is running our country because a foreign entity IS running our country. that foreign entity is “organized jewish power”
            and the “english monetary” a-holes etc?… theyre the same bunch.
            all western nations have the same problem, the difference is that we have to be the “muscle” for the jew world order.
            we dont know what freedom is and we are as dumb as the day is long.

          • The Federal Reserve runs America. (into the ground, I might add)
            The Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE for-profit bank, and not a government agency.
            The Federal Reserve is owned by other private banks, most of them foreign.
            The Fed sells us our money at interest, and half our debt is owed to the Fed.
            And lastly, every chairman of the Fed for the past 36 years have been a Jew, (Janet Yellen, Ben Shalom Bernanke, Alan Greenspan, Paul A. Volcker)
            Jews make up just 2% of the population, but they sure can make a S**tload of trouble.

  1. You are getting carried away with this stuff. Rutherford? Really? That town has sported that name since 1880, and the name is a boy’s name meaning “cattle crossing”. (wait… maybe it’s a cow bomb?)
    The fact that three Horneywood extravaganzas drool over bombing the Superbowl is just because it’s great grade B material, written by those with no talent or imagination, for its shock value.
    I’ll be back after the non-event to remind you of my prediction. Till then, go Broncos

  2. George…. if that’s actually a photo of you I can understand your anger. You must really hate yourself. Don’t worry about the Americans….. worry about your up coming stroke from massive gluttonous behavior. I’m surprised you can use your keyboard while stuffing your fat ugly face.

    • Lauren you must be a troll. You bring absolutely zero facts to the discussion, only personal attacks on another individual. You must have missed the 60 minutes story which stated that our politicians are becoming rich with the war corporations with insider information so that they can keep their lying wars going. The USA thrives on war and warmongering as we invade country after country based on lies.
      Obama & the democrats ran on ending the wars & bringing the troops home, didn’t happen & the rest of the world is getting back at us by dumping our dollars.
      Jesus called the religious leadership, political leadership & their scribe/lawyers Vipers. He said he throws them in the lake of fire, along with the false prophet media & their trolls.

  3. Find out how many jews are going to be present at the superbowl, find out how many top politicians will be present at the superbowl, find out who is doing the security work at the stadium, and these should tell you if there is even a slim chance of an incident happening.

  4. The USA thrives on war and warmongering. Notice who is pushing for destabliziing the Ukraine? What is odd is the USA are supporting the NeoNazis who want to take over the Ukrainian govt. Its all about pitting one group against another and then coming in and taking over and installing a puppet govt. This is the USA/Israel’s modus operandi. Truly EVIL people.
    Even Nazi Germany didn’t to ”double tap’ like America does , bombing first responders.

      • You can’t leave Nazi Germany out of it because the USA & other countries brought all of their scientists & intelligence officers into this country after WW2 & formed all the govt alphabetical entities, CIA, NASA, etc.
        We are now being ruled by their children. They have taken over these countries via the Trojan Horse military operation. Von Braun was head of the Nazi rocket program & became head of the US Nasa program.

  5. who are they? the fbi the cia, mossad, homeland security, fema, nsa, obammy, mrs obammy, Why anyone would subject themselves to the possibility of such a thing, and also sell their rights down the river is beyond me. Stop watch the actual play time, from time ball is snapped until whistle blows for entire game, and you have about eight minutes.

  6. The world would be a better place without the USA. Sorry to say it but they are the root cause of most of the trouble in the world. They are hell bent on world domination and exploitation.

  7. Does anyone else who’s followed alternative news since 9/11 feel like America is entirely upside down now? You’ve got a sport where the folks watching it could never afford a seat in their local stadium. Millionaire athletes paid by Billionare team owners. The half time entertainment throws every kind of masonic luciferian archetype it can while the national anthem is performed by a known illuminati witch. How can any real person find this appealing?

  8. So, as promised, I’m back to see how my criticism of your analysis and predictions played out.
    After careful review, I find the only bomb visited on the Superbowl last Sunday was the Bronco’s performance.
    However, the Olympics in Sochi… that may be a different matter. Hey, I wonder what the meaning of “Sochi” is?


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