Food Stamps, EBT, SNAP, Numbers by race…

I just want to lay down some numbers.
And for the record, yes, more white people are on Food Stamps than Black people. That is a undeniable fact. So here is how it breaks down:
Population by race:
White: 224,000,000
Black: 39,000,000
Hispanic: 50,400,000
Number of people on Food Stamps by race.
White: 19,475,000
Black: 17,100,000
Hispanic: 8,550,000
Percent of population on Food Stamps by Race:
White: 8.6%
Black: 43.8%
Hispanic: 17%
So what is the point of this post?
Well, the left often brags about how many more White people are on Food Stamps than Black People.
But they never put this into proper context.
I just want to make sure people have the opportunity to see the data.
Source: USDA, US Census Bureau, US Dept of Agriculture.
And yes the “other” group was left out because I got lazy.
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