COVID-19 and the riots could possibly be the greatest attempt at division among the common people induced by media disinformation.

by 702Nav

From what I see, the common people are clearly being coerced into fighting a useless fight against each other because in the end; the elite will still have the power and the common people will remain powerless.

First off, they used COVID-19 to create tension through the differing opinions. Through all countries. With one side believing it isn’t a big deal and the other side believing we should be in lockdown until it’s completely safe. they used the virus to make each side believe one side was wrong and inconsiderate of the other

The virus caused so much division already and was used as fuel by the elite to keep the fire of hate burning for later events.

When the elite realized it worked, they used George Floyd’s murder to divide us even more.

Race is very easy to use as a scapegoat for problems and has been used as one since the elite have realized how much it can create division. Building a white vs POC mentality was easy for them to create because of the large socioeconomic gap that POC and white people have. Along with media’s endless covering of countless cases of POC teenagers murdered by white cops who seem to always get away, it was seen by the elite as an easy opportunity to create more division. It worked flawlessly because people quickly took opinions force fed to them by social media. They took sides instead of critically thinking. Since then, they have utilized race as a weapon to divide us all.

Then day after day, we’ve seen the media sensationalize the two sides; “cops” vs “protestors” Both sides are completely wrong, hypnotized, and blind to the real purpose of all of this; to take the power completely out of the people’s hands

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The cops believe they are doing good by carrying out unjust laws. The rioters believe they are carrying out justice through voting, signing petitions and protests. Both fail to realize they are mere pawns, coerced into fighting so that they won’t fight the real fight, which is taking the power of out the elites hands and bringing it to the people.

both sides are brainwashed as they fight each other and have them both thinking they can make a difference but fail to realize that after all this turmoil and hate; only they will hurt through the economy and physical violence. They will have to depend on the elite more and the power will only consolidate and remain with the elite. The power will always be out of the people’s hands if we don’t fight the real fight.

They make us choose sides instead of letting us think for ourselves of what’s right or wrong because it’s easier to divide us that way. They use the main scapegoats such as Trump, Xi Jinping, Obama or Putin to take away the blame from the crooked system built by the elite. They use celebrities and politicians, people who don’t really make decisions and use them as targets so we aren’t focused on the real things that matter like misinformation and misallocation of necessities.

After the French Revolution and Boston Tea Party, what do you think happened? You know nothing changed. The rich were still rich (you can even say they’ve gotten rich after) and only the poor suffered. the power of the elite was consolidated and the common people felt the effects.

This is an age of misinformation and division. An age where you must take a side before you critically think. An age where being on the right side matters more than having a safer and more peaceful world.

I hope soon people will become sick of the endless wars and media hypnotism. I hope soon we all can help each other learn the truth without the ego and realize we have one common enemy; and it isn’t each other.



Disclaimer: This is a guest post and it doesn’t necessarily represent the views of IWB.


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