COVID-19: Is A Psyop – Cabal Wants To Turn The World Into A Militarized Police State

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This virus is a psyop. It was a bio-weapon made at Wuhan State University, with tech smuggled from the U.S. gates funded the research and had it patented through Pirbright. He ran a simulation end of 2019.

With the 10,000+ 5g towers located all around Wuhan, made people more susceptible to acquire the virus, because it contains a strain of HIV to weaken their immune systems.

The virus was rolled out at the precise time where people were revolting in China against their corrupt govt. The people being quarantined are the ones that was protested. They all have been identified through China’s bio-metric system, and police state surveillance systems.

Wuhan is a major transportation hub in China, to get anywhere in the main 5 regions in China one has to first go through there. So it’s quite natural that non-citizens will acquire the virus since it was released there.

China is the blueprint of how they want the rest of the world to be. Right now the chinese police, and military are beating the citizens who doesn’t wear the mask. To keep this false illusion of pandemic virus.

Please copy/paste this to your soc media, etc. So that people who don’t understand. Overstands. If they need a breakdown just show them this video.



h/t TheBatman


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