Covid Farce – top government scientists admits – “Covid Difficult To Find. Most People Have Mild Or No Symptoms”

…and nobody bats an eyelid

Speaking alongside UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson at last night’s Downing Street Covid briefing, Chief medical Officer Chris Whitty said that coronavirus was effectively harmless and none of the watching journalists batted an eyelid.

Whitty said;

“In terms of eliminating (coronavirus) from the UK, this is a disease which has got ah…most people who have it have mild symptoms, or in some cases no symptoms who can then transmit it.

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That makes it very difficult to find.”

Whitty went on to say that the UK has “very good vaccines.”

Nobody in attendance flinched. None of the journalists watching on ZOOM, mentioned it when it was their turn to ask a question. I’d have said; “Chief Medical Officer, if the so-called disease is harmless to most of us, what the fuck has been going on over the last twelve months?

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Would you care to explain to the tens of millions of lives your policies have ruined, that it was for an illness that most won’t get and the majority of those who get it will have mild or no symptoms?”

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