• Leaked plan means jabs for kids months ahead of when they were anticipated  
  • Government awaits data from Oxford study due in June or July before go-ahead 
  • Proposal is bound to be controversial as covid poses a tiny risk to children and academics argue that under 18s do not contribute to the spread of the disease
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Children could receive covid vaccines from August as the government pushes for maximum immunity, sources have revealed.

The plan leaked to The Telegraph means that up to 11 million under 18s could have jabs by the start of the autumn term, months ahead of when inoculations had been expected for children.

The government awaits data from a major child vaccine study by Oxford University, with conclusions due in June or July, which will dictate the final decision on jabs for children.

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The proposal is bound to be controversial because the virus poses only a minuscule risk to children and there is constantly evolving data on vaccine safety.



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