COVID IS OVER: Just 9% think the pandemic is a ‘serious crisis’ in a warning to lawmakers planning to bring back mask mandates and restrictions in response to latest wave.

  • Just 9% of Americans – 16% of Democrats and 3% of Republicans – described the current state of COVID-19 as a ‘serious crisis,’ according to a new Axios poll
  • 73% of 1,043 respondents – 66% of Republicans and 81% of Democrats – said that the pandemic was ‘a problem, but manageable’ in the U.S. 
  •  31% of Republicans polled said the pandemic was ‘not a problem at all’
  • Compared to 51 percent of respondents in early February, just 36% of those polled supported businesses requiring customers to show proof of vaccination
  •  37% of respondents said they had returned to their ‘normal,’ pre-COVID routines

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