COVID MEDIA COVERAGE: from big risk of virus to low risk of vaccines

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by John Ward


How things change when you’re selling a vaccine not a virus. (The only common factor is the lie)

One striking aspect of the anti-Covid19 “vaccination safety” data from the outset is the absence of any columns of figures, as such. As a bloke who spent three decades immersed in such things, call me wacky, but I tend to expect tables. Quoting the UK position, one site called ‘newsexplainer’ answers the question thus:

‘Although some have questioned whether the vaccines have led to deaths, none have been directly attributed to a COVID-19 jab’

This is patently untrue: myriad death stories have appeared (even in the MSM) so whether they’re true or not, saying ‘none’ is bizarre. In turn, ‘some’ is a tad vague: none means nought (but it’s wrong) and ‘some’ is any number you want it to be above none. Or nought. It’s not so much an answer as an evasion. Here’s another example in the context of long-term safety:

‘Allergic reactions to the vaccine can happen, but are rare. The potential long-term effects of the vaccine are currently unknown. Receiving the COVID-19 vaccine is important for preventing illness and stopping the spread of COVID-19. If you have questions or concerns about the vaccine, talk with your doctor’

Again, ‘rare’ is not a word I associate with data analysis. With steak maybe, or a regional accent. The key phrase is the landmine of sentence 2: ‘The potential long-term effects of the vaccine are currently unknown‘. There’s an attempt to mollify one’s growing terror with a blatant lie saying the vaccine prevents illness and stops transmission – as we know already, that isn’t so either. Then the limp ending of ‘talk with your doctor’ arrives to shovel the impossible task into the lap of the long-suffering GP, who won’t have the answers we seek either.

The BBC is, of course, far more pointed:

‘About one in three people recently given a Covid vaccine by the NHS report some side-effects. None was serious – a common one was some soreness around the injection site, the UK researchers who gathered the feedback found. Experts say the findings, from about 40,000 people – mostly healthcare workers – are reassuring for the millions having the vaccines now.’

‘None was serious’. Again, that flies in the face of hundreds of media articles over the last six weeks. Follow the link, however, and there is more detail on the 1 in 3 reporting side-effects. One in three is not ‘rare’. Nor is the figure – accepted by NHS London – that 25% of health staff in the region have refused the vaccine.

Still, Auntie ploughs on with the vaccines being ‘safe’ because they:

‘use a harmless version or part of coronavirus to teach the body how to recognise and fight the real thing…..all of the medical trials and real-world experiences so far suggest the vaccines are safe and effective’.

‘Harmless?’ Based on what? The answer is that the Beeb doesn’t know but uses ‘all’ and ‘suggest’ together as the support for it. It’s just spin. Where are the trial reports and the raw data? In the BBC piece, ‘no serious side effects’ becomes ‘the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine showed a small number of allergic reactions needing treatment‘.

How small? What sort of treatment? The link simply goes back to an earlier post with lots more guff about “standard problems” and a figure of 2 – at last! A number! – but not the database. Given this was last December and the recipients were frontline staff it could mean 2 in 1,000 – higher than the number of remaining lives at serious risk.

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Now cross the Alantic to the US, and hear what the FDA has to say:

‘Yes, research to date indicates the vaccines for COVID-19 have a very good safety profile. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted emergency use authorization (EUA) for two COVID-19 vaccines. Both have been tested in large clinical trials. Data from the manufactures show that the known and potential harms of becoming infected with the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID 19) outweigh the potential safety risks of the vaccines.’

‘Very good safety profile’, ‘large clinical trials’, ‘danger outweighs potential safety risks’. Or to select other words at random, ‘research to date led the FDA to grant emergency use despite potential safety risks’. No columns. No tables. Just blithe reassurance.

Hence perhaps this tortuous sentence from ABC Detroit:

So then, 35 Michiganders have died immediately following vaccine injection, but don’t worry – it’s just another of those kooky statistical coincidental glitches that we Covid heroes come across now and then. And sure, 35 is 35 more than zero, but weird stuff happens so don’t be alarmed.

The simple point I’m making today I will now present following this old advertising Overture….

Bloke dies and is on the borderline between Heaven and Hell in relation to his lifetime virtue count. The gatekeeper in Limbo says, “You have two choices – up or down. It’s your call.” So he goes to Up and sees lots of folks on clouds plucking harps with vaguely simple faces reminiscent of Guardian or New York Times readers. It doesn’t look that stimulating. He descends past Limbo to Hell where an immaculately suited Beelzebub welcomes him with a firm handshake.

The curtain parts to reveal the most beautiful and peaceful 18-hole Masters golf course imaginable. The Hornèd One takes him round and the recently deceased bloke says, “Marvellous, count me in”. He goes to the clubhouse to change, but as he exits it’s clear the golf course has vapourised; instead there are red-hot caves with whips lashing the backs of the unfortunate sinners.

“What happened to the Golf Course?” he asks the Devil, who in turn has reverted to his real cloven-hoofed self.

“Ah well,” the Devil explains, “earlier you were a prospect, but now you’re a client”.

News in 2021 is selling – no more, no less. All last year, Big Pharma and the Resetters were selling an unreal naked fear and horrible death as if Covid19 was coming for everyone. Now they’re selling an unnecessary, flagrantly under-trialled mRNA manipulator whose current and future risks are real. Baseless and beastly have been replaced by blasé and benign, so the arrow has turned 180°.

If the “vaccines” are safe, then show us the evidence. Failure to do so is not a good look.

Footnote: many of you will already have witnessed yesterday’s spat between Peter Hitchens and The Slog. Mr Hitchens has clearly not given much thought to the issues raised here. Another false prophet bites the dust.




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