COVIID-19 cases in the U.S. and deaths doubled in less than 72 hrs.

From 9:30 p.m. Monday EST

100 cases and six deaths on Monday night to 207 cases and twelve deaths now.

Less than 72 hour doubling rate.

Tracking coronavirus: Map, data and timeline

About 200 cases now.

In three more days: 400 perhaps

Six more: 800?

Nine more: 1600?

Twelve more: 3200?

Fifteen more: 6400?

Eighteen more: 12,800?

Twenty-one: 25,600?

Twenty-four: 51,200?

Twenty-seven: 102,400?

That is less than four weeks from today.

New York officials say 2,733 people are under coronavirus quarantines in New York City

Cases are doubling in the US in under 72 hours.

Monday night 100 cases and six deaths.

Tonight 210 cases and twelve deaths.

Here’s a CDC official repeatedly dodging straightforward questions about why the US has been so slow to test people for coronavirus. Yikes.


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