Coyotes flood U.S. border with Ecuadorians… Rate climbs to $15K

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SUNLAND PARK, New Mexico — A giant red “X” marks the spot on the 14-foot-high border fence where smugglers dropped two Ecuadorian children onto a desolate patch of scrub from the Mexican side of the border.

The sisters — Yareli, 3, and Yasmina, 5 — who were reunited with their family in New York City three weeks after the March 30 incident, became a symbol for the callousness of the human traffickers known as “coyotes” who prey on desperate migrants.

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The land near the fence is home to rattlesnakes, actual coyotes and even mountain lions, according to Border Patrol agents.

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“I get chills every time I think about them,” said US Border Patrol El Paso Sector Chief Gloria Chavez, who personally intervened to help the girls when she saw infrared video footage of them being dropped over the border wall.


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